A beverage consisting of several crushed-up T3 pills which have been extracted in various temperature degrees of water to produce a fine nectar of the God's.
Shit! This guy is invincible! He must be on jungle juice!
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 17, 2003
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(n.) A heavenly concoction composed of liberal amounts of everclear, vodka, or other available liquors, and Kool Aid. Known as 'jungle juice' because it sends the drinker into a state animal behavior. Can also include fruit bits that have been soaked in liquor for several hours prior to drinking session for maximum drunkenness. Side effects from consumption include blacking out, waking up in strange places, and having a generally awesome time.
We were all completely wasted after finishing that trashcan full of jungle juice.
by Crunken Toe Master September 26, 2005
A somewhat palatable combination of vodka, sugar, Kool-Aid, and fruit. Usually mixed to have a 20 percent alcohol content, allowing fly Yolandas to be quickly inebriated.
Let's mix up some jungle juice for the party tonight.
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
Most jungle juice mixtures contain huge quantities of hard alcohol mixed with arbitrary juices. For example, jungle juice may contain rum, gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey mixed with orange, grapefruit, pineapple, or other juices for flavor and to stretch the quantity of alcohol. In addition, most jungle juice batches contain sliced chunks of various fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, or grapes. Jungle juice can also be made with Kool-Aid; this is sometimes called Hunch Punch

That frat party last weekend sure had a lot of jungle juice.
by rainyday7 August 11, 2007
A collection of all the alchohol you can get mixed into a jug when you can't get enough of one certain kind.
We ran out of hooch, so Ernie and I made up a batch of jungle juice to go around.
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
alcoholic beverage consisting of multiple different types of drinks..used if running low on alcohol or if you have to get drunk real quick
-dude john is real wasted

-jell ya man cuz he drank 3 cups of jungle juice
by blackjohno April 06, 2010
Its a drug called Amyl Nitrate commonly used on the streets and in clubs. It comes in a small glass bottle. It is commonly inhaled through the nose. The effects are almost immediate, within 30-40 seconds, but last only a few minutes... the blood pressure becomes reduced followed face flushes and persperation.

Side effects are-

In worst cases people have sniffed too much causing death.
sophie- *dancing* with bottle of jungle juice in hand

nickki - oi soph let us have a rave of the JJ ay?
by ekoorb33 August 04, 2009
A hard core concoction of grain alcohol, usually Everclear, and store brand generic juice. Usually a tropical juice in particular. It can be made with koolaid, but considering this is not a generic brand, it is not exactly the real thing. Very very popular in a small town in CT, Newtown, where countless kids have vomited because they could not handle the jungle juice, including myself. It is very potent and will get you snot hanging drunk the second that it hits your blood. Kids, do me a favor. Instead of wasting away your liver, and getting drunk with a bunch of ugly whores, just smoke a j with some of your Best friends and get high.
Person 1: yeah i heard devin is bringing some homemade jungle juice! Person 2: oh shit were gonna get fucking wasted! Sad guy: yeah my girlfriend dumped me so i made a bathtub full of jungle juice, bought six boxes of hohos, and an ounce of purple dank.
by TheAllKnowingCabbage February 26, 2010

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