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This is a condition similar to swamp ass; however, it refers more specifically to profusely sweating balls and taint rather than a sweaty ass crack. Also, the term swamp ass can easily be misconstrued to mean that you have crapped or sharted your pants.

Also, since the term grundle sounds so much like the character Grendel from the epic poem Beowulf, it makes the condition seem all the more beastly and woeful.

This term should probably only be applied to males.
After Denard and I moved my bed, dresser, entertainment center and lots of other stuff to my new third-floor apartment in 90 degree heat, we both had some pungent jungle grundle.

After playing basketball for two hours in the summer heat, my shorts and boxers were soaked, and I had some seriously smelly and wet jungle grundle.
by Kevin August 11, 2006