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1. <i>Any</i> interracial sexual relationship. A black man who likes white women is also said to have "jungle fever". Some people associate the "jungle" with liking black people, but that is not the best use of the term. The Fever is generally seen as affecting both parties.

Mostly refers to interracial attraction because of stereotypes or curiosity. In Spike Lee's film (the origin of the term's popularity) both characters are referred to as suffering the 'disease' and are criticized by members of their race for the relationship.
2. Malaria
See Stevie Wonder's Song:

<i>I've</i> Got jungle fever
She's got jungle fever
<i>We've</i> got jungle fever
by KittyKat05 September 09, 2006
28 135
When a non-black person is atracted sexually to black people. Originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now it could refer to a white man who thinks black women are hot and wants to date them.

A Stevie Wonder song about black man/white woman love.
"She's gon black guy crazy
He's gone white girl hazy
They got jungle fever"--Stevie Wonder.
by Gramatikon October 01, 2005
1815 746
An inter-racial relationship, namely between a white person and a black person.
John has jungle fever, can get enough of that black pussy.
by kane April 27, 2003
1791 857
A white person dating a person of color.
Jessica got jungle feva'
by Kevin December 07, 2004
1783 1430
Whites/Blacks who make dating Blacks/Whites into a fetish activity. That is, they're consumed by the mythology behind a person's race (ie virility of Black men, the Black penis, Blacks as more primitive and closer to the mythical Jungle, etc.) than the person him/herself. Many are attracted to such relationships because they perceive them as transgressive and are turned on by that.

Not all Black-White relationships are based on Jungle Fever. However, one may be able to identify relationships that are based on Jungle Fever by analyzing the couple's dating history. For instance, if a White person who lives in an area with few Blacks has only dated Blacks, then it's likely that that person has Jungle Fever.

Generally considered a derogatory term that hints at past colonial relationships between Blacks and Whites, where White colonizers enter, with fascination, the African Jungle in order to learn from and conquer it.
Watch out for that White girl Angela cause she has major jungle fever. She can't keep her eyes off tha brothers, probably because her daddy won't let her date a brother.
by 3504 August 29, 2006
806 553
A white person having an intense attraction to black people, and vice-versa.
I must have jungle fever, all I see is beautiful black women!
by Jerremmmey December 17, 2008
439 306
a white girl/guy likes someone of the black nature.
sarah jessica has the fever....jungle fever
by ijerksolow June 21, 2010
61 29
A white person lusting for black people. I have it personally!
The reason I can't stop checking Ashley out at work is my jungle fever... :-D
by jesse August 30, 2005
357 326