Non-P.C. racist term for a black person, out of vogue because jungles are no longer referred to as 'jungles'.

The contemporary term is rainforest rabbit.
K.K.K. Kleagle: these damn' jungle bunnies are takin' over the damn world.

other guy: Shut up, Senator Byrd (D-WV)
another raciest word for nigger,spook,nigga, coon.

"damn bro do you see that jungle bunny stealin my vcr and his coon ass homie stealin my tv"
by isghfhdgifdhgifdhgifdhg February 21, 2009
Offensive term for a black man.
Hold on to your bags, there are jungle bunnies here.
by jungle jim December 01, 2003
Refering to the way that blacks act in public
Why the fuck is mike dancing like that, he looks like a jungle bunny
by D thizzle October 25, 2007
An obnoxious, self-centered nigger who cares only about himself and his fellow hood rats
"What's wrong with that guy?"

"He's probably just a jungle bunny"
by Jigaboo1234 June 07, 2013
a racist name for a blabk person from all negro backgrounds
brixton is full of jungle bunnys!
by Ali Jamaal November 30, 2005
Disparaging term for a black person.

This term is actually incorrect, since in sub-saharan Africa, there is very little jungle, but more desert and plains. It comes from "One who hops around the jungle, multiplying so quickly they must be sterilised". This term has lost favour with racists and supremacists, and rarely will anyone born after 1970 ever use this.
yous a jungle bunnah!

Ahs gonna flay ya hide, jungill bunnah!
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004

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