keeping your pimp hand strong
"remember when your dealin with the ladies jumping jahosafat"
by Johnny foshizzle April 09, 2006
Top Definition
Legend tells of diabolical creatures spawned from ancient times. These menacing organisms birthed from the depths of the black swap and terrorized north-western Ohio for centuries. However, in 1910 the Bowling Green State University was founded and constructed over the black swap destroying their natural habitat. The demon like creatures hunt students from the bushes at night, scaring their pants off in a vengeful rage. Stories are told of only one man who knows the secrets of the black swap, a one

Paul. J. Olscamp. Yet, the legend ends with him allegedly locking himself away in the archives so nobody may learn of the secrets.
"Hey, did you hear lars totally got gnar'd by those jumping jahosafats brotendo?"

"Wha? Im too stoked up on that latenight-sunrise and these beeroids to give a chest fly about shit."
by 2 HA November 10, 2015
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