Hung around too long. Kept something going when it had obviously run its course or became useless.
Keeping "Two & a Half Men" running with Ashton replacing Charlie Sheen. Further enhanced by reducing the roles of the really talented cast members like "Berta"; "Mom" & "Rose", "Jump the shark"d
by bk66 June 14, 2012
After some significant event, everything from then on is terrible.
The rock band Metallica really 'jumped the shark' when they released 'Master of Puppets'.
by Lord Richard May 25, 2003
to reach the point where the poupularity of a show, movie, musician, or any other pop culture icon declines in popularity (refers to an episode of The 1960's TV show, "Happy Days" where Fonz jumps over a shark while water skiing, see also jump the couch)
It looks like Voyager is about to jump the shark.
by Light Joker November 04, 2005
A defining point in any business, relationship or other human engagement in which a peer or superior behaves in a way that eliminates any traces of his/her credibility and, consequently, any sense of purpose in continuing the overall engagement.
"Things haven't been looking rosy for the company lately, but the boss totally jump the shark when he said 'no big deal' after half the best employees quit on the same day. I gotta get a new job - quick."
by anonymous9000 May 07, 2008
The moment when a show is no longer worth watching due to a very contrived episode. The term comes from the Happy Days Hawaii miniseries.
When did Voyager jump the shark?

A. Seven of Nine
B. The Year of Hell
C. Chakotay's vision quests
D. Day one
by Xyzzy May 04, 2005
Idiom meaning to overcome that which has taken one's power.

~ Juliet Bennett
In order to emotionally move on, unrequited Love requires one to 'jump the shark.'
by Cloud Hopper December 12, 2011
An oblivious moment in one's past, where there is verification of an un recollected event or phrase's existence via a credible third party confirmation or certified documentation, in which you have never heard of said event or phrase ever being used, therefore begin to believe that you were a cloned human whose implanted memories are false and are beginning to unravel an evil conspiracy to farm out your organs to rich movie stars.
I totally jumped the shark when saying "jump the shark" was popular, making me think that you made that phrase up just to irk me, because you're mad that I'm not as old as you are and you want to mess with my head.
by daniel Tamez January 17, 2008

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