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A jump off is a girl other than your girl friend that you see strictly for sex.
I'm getting bored with my girl friend; I'm looking for a jump off that I can have some fun with from time to time
by Ayo06 November 01, 2009
5 12
A jump off is basiclly a hoe. Or someone who trys to date all your ex's or guys you like.
"Yo i like Jamal"

"bitch your a jump off you no i dated jamal a week ago"

"hey i like mikey!!"

"yo back up jump off you no im trying to get with him"
by kiki-crazed September 10, 2009
2 10
a crack pipe, usually a 4" glass tube sold in urban convenience stores as a novelty gift.
Tyrone: You got the rock?
Tyrese: Yeah, you got a jump off on you?
by Atown Social Experiment March 17, 2008
4 12
jump on jump off, girl gets around, spreads her legs to anyone.

Heather D is a jump off
by michele cool August 30, 2007
20 28
to listen to music, usually with noise canceling headphones (jump offs), and focus on the music while ignoring everything else around you. non casual music listening, really getting into the music, not done while working or partying
"the train ride won't be bad, i'll just close my eyes and jump off to the chili peppers for 4 hours"
by buffalohsoljah February 17, 2007
4 12
When some bullshits 'bout to go down.
Prison:Yo homes i don't like the tension right now, I think it's about to jump off in here.
by El Vato Montana September 07, 2006
6 14
a man or woman who is quick to have sex w/ someone. Unlike "slut" it is gender-neutral - it can be applied to men, not only women.
What a jump off! He only knew her for a day, and he already let her have sex with him!
by Archer MC February 16, 2006
15 23