the most exclusive event or place to be at
"yo this party is gonna be the jump off"
by Hollis February 08, 2003
A Jump Off Is The Chick On The Side Who's Gettin Her Screws In; She's Down For Whateva...She Still Gettin Dat Green, But She's Not In The Spotlight
Believe Me I Am A Jumpoff an damn proud of it bitch haha
by Jump Off Bitch March 17, 2004
1) something good or desireable.
2) a woman you have sex with, then u "jump off" and go about your business. "Jump offs" dont ask no questions after words.
NOTE: men are not "jump offs" only women. if a woman thinks she has a male "jump off," shes the real jumpoff but she doesnt know it.
Thats not my girl thats my jump off.
by eLSolo June 24, 2006
a person who lacks respect for there body does anything a prostitute would do plus more
Jennifer lopez
by woldnt u love to know October 05, 2003
Main Squeeze
Yo my jump off always hold me down.
by Tom Petteres June 20, 2003
a bitch who has sex for money and jumps off one dick to another for more money.
Don't fuck wit that bitch she's a jump off
by Morgan Dent March 28, 2003
a gurl who jumps on one dick to the next
yo that gurl is a myspace jumpoff
by Tfleeton November 14, 2007

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