the jungleberries portion of the package
Dusty jumped up and bit my brother in the jumblies.

Onnie's jumblies are strangely tiny.

The Wu-Tang Clan stole my jumblies.
by ryan cruze March 10, 2004
Top Definition
Nice round breasts, some sweet as melon jugs, they are revealed via a low cutshirt. Jumblies should always be pointed out to a friend when visible.
"show me your jumblies lady!'
"psst, justin, 3 o'clock, carrie's jumblies are on display!"
by Macdaddy April 19, 2005
The subtle yet very noticeable action of very large breasts (natural) jiggling against each other when a voluptious woman walks.
Look at Nikki and her Jumbly Tits.
I love Jumbly Tits. (sing)
by Btnfan July 02, 2005
The Jumblies are a people who went to sea in a sieve. Their heads are green and their hands are blue, and the lands where they live are far and few, so they left on a journey for countries anew, in their crockery jar in a sieve.
Far and few, far and few are the lands where the Jumblies live;
Their heads are green, and their hands are blue,
And they went to sea in a sieve.
by edwardLear April 03, 2013
All jumbled up. Especially words.
Her mouth kept runnin' on, all jumbly like.
by LightMinder August 22, 2009
A mentally/physically handicapped person, usually found in the back of a Jumbo Ambulance.
Stop licking that window you jumbly.
by chris - p September 15, 2003
A Cumbrian who likes getting on it
The fucking jumblie crew are doing wrestling moves on the dance floor again.
by Adrian Strokey April 02, 2003
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