Jumanji is a sick game played by people with a lot of time on their hands. The aim of the game is to deposit a fecal suprise in the opposing players bed and then when they lay in it one must call out "Jumanji" - this can also lead to a game of shit slinger but thats another story.
As the the victim slid into his bed, totally oblivious to the attackers watching his every move. Everyone jumped out and yelled "Jumanji".
by STALEFISH April 16, 2005
verb tr. - to take one's testicles and drum them upon another's face in a manner that could inspire a particular LARGE samurai.

noun - the performance of said act.
The last Mooderai stumbles upon an epiphany as he looks up from ye olde shogunate scrolls on the GHS library table and utters his realization, now manifest: "Jumanji...."
by Comandante Fabuloso November 10, 2006
when somthing thats good happens as if fate wrote it or it was preordained to happen for the greater good of any givin situation.
Your watching a crappy movie and the hot girl loses her shit.....JUMANJI!
The ball goes in at the buzzer....JUMANJI!
You use a crappy pick up line fully expecting to be slapped and instead end up going home with her....JUMANJI!
You wake up the next morning and she turns out to be a cyote ugly and your roommates catch you and rag on you for weeks.....JUMANJI!
The dick from the bar is the one in the back of the cop car as your leaving at last call.... JUMANJI!
by Chris Walcutt April 22, 2006
A movie I barely remember, but my memory was refreshed when this black chick in my class used it as an insult to the teacher, calling him jumanji... what the hell. It was funny, and stupid as hell. I was on the floor laughin for at least a good minute.
Say that to my face Jumanji
by Charlie Murphy March 19, 2004
When a man proceeds to use his testicles to drum on someone's face. A variation of the tea bag.
See: nut slap
do you seriously need an example?
by Chairman Mao December 06, 2004
A board game found in a hole that plays the drums excedingly well. Also a shit move.
Hey look, its Jumanji! Lets play!

Jumanji's on at 9:00, thats a shit movie.
by Hugo January 24, 2004
What to say when a herd of rhinos come chasing towards you.
"I know what to do ... JUMANJI!"
*rhinos still chase you*
by Mister Ignorant May 13, 2004

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