Untamed and insolent Ukrainian female pubic hair.
"Yelena date-raped me even though I had a girlfriend. I figured as long as I was technically 'cheating', I might as well try to touch her clitoris. She pulled my hand away numerous times; an act I attribute solely to her JUMANJI shame.
by Jack The Snipper March 04, 2009
when somthing thats good happens as if fate wrote it or it was preordained to happen for the greater good of any givin situation.
Your watching a crappy movie and the hot girl loses her shit.....JUMANJI!
The ball goes in at the buzzer....JUMANJI!
You use a crappy pick up line fully expecting to be slapped and instead end up going home with her....JUMANJI!
You wake up the next morning and she turns out to be a cyote ugly and your roommates catch you and rag on you for weeks.....JUMANJI!
The dick from the bar is the one in the back of the cop car as your leaving at last call.... JUMANJI!
by Alex Walcutt March 18, 2006
when several males attempt an albino rhino on one unsuspecting female. The one who succeeds gets to be called Robin Williams until the next jumanji attempt.
"Man, my dick is so sore from last night's jumanji."
"Yeah, you got it rough. It was all good for me though"
"Shut up Robin Williams"
by awalzer December 14, 2007
Used to describe something freakishly large or overgrown or to describe an extreme case of something.
My friend is suffering with a case of jumanji crabs. (particularly ferrocious case of pubic lice)

That cat's jumanji. (Unusually large cat)

Her breasts are jumanji.

I couldn't eat all that meal, it was jumanji. (best used after an all you can eat etc)

He's got jumanji feet. (ridiculously big feet)

Have you seen the size of that? it's jumanjified (Much bigger than usual)
by El Turk December 12, 2007
This word is an accidental bastardization of too much, often exclaimed when playing pool after one has overdone the speed or spin of a shot.
I can win the game with this shot...JUMANJI! I should have used less spin
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
a term used when one farts. It is said as soon as it happens as to warn the other people around you.
Cuan: Hey Jeff
Jeff: What Cuan?
Cuan: Jumanji
Jeff: DAMNIT MAN! We're in an elevator, I can't even leave now.
by Cuan March 09, 2008
A word used to describe marijuana ; either as just the substance or the act of smoking.
Lets go smoke some jumanji. Wheres the Jumanji. Lets go play Jumanji
by Future Society June 29, 2006

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