Another name for breasts.
That chick has some big ass Jums.
by Shod 357 July 03, 2009
Top Definition
Jum is a word my sisters and I made up and we basically use it as a filler when we don't know what word to use...we use it so often our friends, parents, and even some teachers have taken to using the term. Here are some ways to use it:
1. (n) stuff, crap, junk, things etc.(usually with a negative connotation)
2. (adj) Very, extremely. often used in the phrase "jum good"
3. basically a filler word..may be used in places of "hell" or "heck."
1. You should probably get your JUM out of my locker, I can't fit my nunchucks.
There was some sticky JUM at the bottom of the cup.

2. That orange juice was JUM good!Extra pulpy!

3.What the JUM was that?
Get the JUM out of my way.
I don't give a JUM what you think.
by BECCA! WHAT TH E JUM! May 04, 2005
A pal or compadre.
atta boi Jum!
by jummy June 11, 2004
Small amounts of crack cocaine or heroin sold on the street to clientele usually in the form of dimes and twenty's.
My clique is hustlin' jums to survive.

I stay with at least 10 jums to serve customers.
by Vindictive June 09, 2007
The excess, jiggly skin attached to the lips of a dog.
I can't figure out why Snoop doesn't bite her jums when she chews on a bone.

Look at those jums jiggle.
by BIMby February 20, 2011
A crack rock, typically $20 worth.
I sold your mom 2 jums yesterday for $35.
by Bliggs February 22, 2010
Joint Unit Systems Management.
in army jrotc that's were we put our uniforms and what ever we have in supply. it sucks and crashes all the time and we have to bring in all our stuff all the time because they have to reenter it into the system. and it sucks alot idk if other branches of jrotc have it.
CPT. hey msgt can u put this in JUMS for me?
MSGT. ugggg i already did
CPT. well it aint here
MSGT. grrrrr it must have crashed again
by im in army jrotc April 16, 2014
An urban handshake but the two persons don't shake hands,they just touch fist as a way of showing respect.This was originally originated from the island of Saint Lucia.
John meets Max,they jum each other and then starts a conversation or continue walking.
by Pexx November 13, 2012

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