Julzebob: n - see Julie, Julz, Juleh, Julzehbob

A wonderful girl who is wonderful. She is great and loved by many. She is both prettiful and has a great personality.
Memorable quotes from today:
"brb, hackoring ^_^"
"whats lowey blown :|"
by Lowey December 20, 2004
Top Definition
Not that wonderful but often hyper, and if she's not hyper she's laughing. Generally finds the most random words funny.
Memorable quote from today

"Would you like a juice pocket?"
"It's the jaffa cake! It's all the jaffa cake!"
by Julzebob herself December 21, 2004
A backing singer and a grandma impersonator. She wears glasses. Sexy x-ray glasses. But shush, you can't tell anyone. Cover your body parts when walking past her. Although seeing as it's x-ray it won't do much good.
"Julie, you are dressed as a grandma."
"Why yes, I am."

"What are you doing?"
"Running down school corridors in my Peejay's. Why? Everyone does it."
by your-tie-is-also-dead December 21, 2004
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