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The best and by far definitely one of the most talented, and versatile actresses out there. She can portray any character perfectly. She's the fuckin' epitome of passive-aggressive.

. was legally emancipated at age 14
. Dropped out of high school weeks after starting at 15
. Bought a Mazda for 6,000 at 15 and drove without a license until she was 21
. Arrested at age 16 for being in an underground club for being underage, got a mugshot and has it poster-sized in her house now
. Believed to have suffered a mental/emotional breakdown in Melissa Etheridge's vid "come ot my window" the director yelled "cut!" several unnecessary times (she's an awesome actress)
. One crazy-ass, awesome psycho who's also really laid-back too!
person 1: "have you watched Natural Born Killers?"

person 2: "nope, but i'll watch it over and over again without knowing what it's about cause i know that Juliette Lewis is in it, so it'll be good."
by manipulativefemmefatale June 07, 2006
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