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juicy sperm, that comes out with so much force, it reaches the ceiling
i had one hell of a juicy juky, and then i slapped that ho
by matty nuge January 14, 2003
cum that is so forceful, when it comes out, it hits the ceiling and hangs, like glue.
My jackoff was so Juky, i slapped that bitch off and my cum hit her in the face
by poonster January 14, 2003
A physical movement in life, specifically in sports, when one moving object out-maneuvers, aka jukes, the glue out of his/her opponents shoes and continues on towards greatness.
Ladainian Tomlinson scored a masterful touchdown when he burst out the pocket, hit the jukies button, and left his opponents in his dust.
by Awa Staward December 04, 2014
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