Of poor quality and/or construction.
Man, that is one jukie fuckin' chair!
by tejay February 24, 2004
Top Definition
A scuzzy, out of work person commonly found in the projects of Northeast Pennsylvania. A jukie lacks any regard for personal hygiene. Other wise referred to as a townie, scum bag, sleaze ball, dirt bag, etc. Not to be confused with a gypsy.

"Honey, Lock the car doors, we are passing through a jukie infested area"
by Pat Benatar October 15, 2006
avoiding normality and common logic
That's some jukie ass pay I'm making at that job
by Keser Soce January 31, 2004
Orgin: Originally pulled from a Sprite commercial in which the actor stated holding up a cheap imitation soda "It's Jukie!" Also the nickmname of a famous football star Running Back, Julius "Jukie" Jones. Who was known for "juking" his opponents making them miss tackles.

The word is now used as both an adjective and a noun.

As an adjective it refers to anything not of the norm, lame, of bad quality, or cheap. It can be used in place of or combined with any cuss word with good results as well.

As a noun it takes on the form of "Juke" which relates to any person possessing the qualities that imbue the adjective.

Adjective Example:
"The dialog in this movie is really jukie!"
"Get your jukie ass up here now"

Noun Example:
"Shut up and listen to me, you juke!"
by R David Paine III June 03, 2007
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