a dance commonly done in Chicago where a female rubs her azz on the males dick.
Ayo ol dude havin a juke party 2nite.
by Ashley March 15, 2004
To juke is to sell or slang drugs on the streets
I don't work for my money i juke on the set
by corndawg321 December 17, 2009
To juke is to stab or slice with a knife or sharp edge. A juke can be anything with a sharp edge.
Person 1 : I'll juke you.
Person 2 : You wouldn't stab someone in the open.
Person 1 : I already have my knife out
by Dez.xo June 27, 2010
A chicago term for a wild party or place of wild fun!
A joe dat dat party bout to juke!
by yonnie the brotha December 19, 2007
to dance on another person or to dance.
she just juked lil buddy.
by ash4uboo July 10, 2003
To fake another person or thing out
The deer tried to juke the car but ended up on the windsheild anyway.
by Braz3361 July 06, 2003
To ejaculate into ones mouth, and cause it to squirt out ones eyes by slapping the back of the head repeatedly.
Jason and Bubba like to juke with one another.
by shawn_the_maniac September 06, 2008
a phone that sounds racist and dirty.
ex1: "dude, i just got a juke!"

ex2: "like my juke?"
"fuck you, asshole."
by jefffffffffff yo. November 25, 2007
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