a dance commonly done in Chicago where a female rubs her azz on the males dick.
Ayo ol dude havin a juke party 2nite.
by Ashley March 15, 2004
the hottest, sexiest, most intoxicating girl you will ever meet. Juke is a sexy bastard that no one can resist. Her compelling charm and wit compare to no other. Juke has the amazing body of a D1 track star. She is everything you wish you were: sexy, suave and sly. She has the grace of a manatee while still melting you with her intense, longing stare.
DAMMNNN Juke is looking FINE today!
Look at Juke go! No wonder she committed to harvard lacrosse in seventh grade!
I wish I was as suave as Juke was, man, look at that manatee go!
by thequeenrandall March 10, 2015
Derived from outskirts of Chicago, juking has evolved over the years to be a fast paced dance that is performed in circles all across the US.
Everyone was juke'n to the music.
by Christopher John September 28, 2007
1.it can be a way of a female dancing on a guy but also
2. in chicago it can mean a dance some would call footworking
3.or also a type of atmosphere
1. She gave him a juke.
2. It was a juke battle between 187 and terra squad.
3. That party was jukin.
by AngelofLuv January 20, 2009
To cum or ejaculate.
Dude, your sister got pissed when I juked in her hair.
by MidwestDude2010 September 09, 2010
to dance with to a fast paced beat, house music to be more exsact, the danceing can be as simple as shacking your hips or as complex as shaking ur but while almost laying on the floor, various beats basily the music contols your pace
v:Ima go 2 da club latta
z: u ganna get yo juke on?
v:hell yeaaa!
"man that girl can juke all the way to da floor"
by guera_ February 15, 2008
To tell you the truth, no one really knows.
"I'm trapped under a jukebox. What is juke anyway? And how does one get it into a box?"
by Jerry Seinfeld June 15, 2006
Equivilent to "grind"; a type of dance to generally fastpaced music.
We were jukin' all night at that party!
by L. Milla April 04, 2004

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