another slang term for sex
We was juicing all night
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
Top Definition
using roids or gear
by Skillz April 16, 2003
Goin out drinking
Wee'z juicin' T'night fa SHO
Less get some peeps ' go juicin'
by Anhedoniac June 13, 2003
A word for when a woman has an orgasm with female ejaculation.
"I fucked my girlfriend so hard, she started juicing on my cock."
by Druid Master October 26, 2012
a chicago word to take the place of the word fucking or meaning having sex
they was juicing last night
(meaning they were having sex.)
by lil mama A.K.A G-UNIT GURL November 28, 2003
When a woman shoves a towel inside her vagina and squeezes her legs, causing her juice to be absorbed in the towel, and then slaps her partner in the face with it.
Dude, that girl juiced me so hard she bruised my face!

I don't know if I like juicing or Pussy Slap more.
by Mr. Handlebars July 19, 2012
The phenomenon of getting mentally prepared for a type of food and
making it the reason for going to a certain restaurant.
Question: "Where would you like to go for dinner?"

Answer: "I've been juicing
for Indian food all day".
by Bo Bo May 25, 2004
When a black man is on the prowl for white women. This word is taken from the great Orenthal James "The Juice" Simpson (OJ) since he was a fine connoisseur of the interracial relationship. When black men continue in this fine tradition of conquering the snowy white mound, it is referred to as juicing. Thanks OJ!

This word was created in Blacksburg Va, at Virginia Tech between 1998-2004
OJ Simpson
Tiger Woods
Whoopi Goldberg (Reverse Juice)
Michael Strahan
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Taye Diggs
by Eric Shonuff December 29, 2009

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