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In gay porn, the guy standing around with a towel who cleans up all the "juice" when filming is over. If he works hard he'll eventually work his way up to fluffer.
Before breaking in as a performer, Lee was known as the best "juice boy" in the business.
by FlabLoser October 17, 2013
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In gay adult films, the crew members responsible for cleaning up and disposing of all the semen are known as the "juice boys." They often double as fluffers.
After the Shaghai Sailors gangbang scene, the juice boys had their work cut out for them.
by Coach34 October 16, 2013
The guys on gay porn sets who hold towels to clean up all the boy juice.
The "juice boys" lifestyle may not be glamorous, but it has its juice perks.
by PoliticalHack October 17, 2013

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