A jew who is also a douchebag
Jew started charging people to play warcraft and turned into a total juicebag.
by Chinese Dictionary July 14, 2006
someone who is on steroids
Did you see that juice bag in the gym the other day? He was massive!
by Jeff - Toronto, Canada September 12, 2003
1.) a bag of juice a.k.a juice pouch

2.) alternate word for "douchebag"
"You banged my girlfriend last night, you juice bag!"
by Skier3 July 21, 2013
a douche bag with a juice box
what up juice bag
by Kadence W February 22, 2010
A person who has drank themselves beyond being shitfaced.
A person who is "juiced" is a juice bag.
Juice bags have nothing to do with steroids, those are juice monkeys, get your shit straight.
"Stop humping that fuckin turtle you juice bag!"
by cheeks87 March 28, 2007
A slang term for condom.
If you don't want any milk suckers remember to wear a juice bag.
by A^J April 20, 2010
any blatantly obvious steriod user.
the jersey shore is ull of juicebags.
by cm October 20, 2004

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