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An exclaimation.
Slang for overwhelmingly good.
Used frequently to descibe tastes of food
Damn thats real good!
Nigga thats some juice!
by dualcorex January 07, 2011
having all the girls/dudes
"Man, you got the juice. Your phone blowin' up!"
by Raeferr November 09, 2011
also slang.....for electricity
Turn on the juice...
by GreggK September 01, 2005
1. Energy; power; ability to do anything
1. I'm outta juice after that five mile run...
by USC May 10, 2005
To cause a female to become so aroused as to cause noticeable wetness.
"If you ever watched Jeff Buckley from backstage, you'd have seen three thousand women juice at once."
by a.gerry. April 23, 2009
A Texas Hold'em poker hand, when holding a jack and a duce, J-2. This is called juice.
Oh you have pocket aces? I umm....have the juice.

(Doyle Brunsun) heh....I have the Brunson
(Poker Noob) Oh yeah? ....I got the juice!
(Doyle Brunson) I...hate....you
(Poker Noob) Pwnt
by Alex B From Cali October 13, 2006
Something white people drink that has vitamins and shit in it.
Nigga what the fuck is juice? I want some drink
by K2Tanner November 10, 2007
A derogatory term used to insult Jewish people on the down low. Also insults Germans as it is usually said in a heavy German accent.
Hitler: "I dislike juice!!!"
by W-III June 23, 2009