An exclaimation.
Slang for overwhelmingly good.
Used frequently to descibe tastes of food
Damn thats real good!
Nigga thats some juice!
by dualcorex January 07, 2011
The act of stabbing someone, similar to that of O.J. Simpson.
Give me all yo money 'for you get juiced, nigga!
by hattiesburg dicks inc. September 11, 2008
Swimming in that maple syrup on that PCP.
"Man, I done smoked some juice and I be seeing some weird ass shit. Some zombie bomb ass shit, dawg!"
by Isolator August 23, 2008
Another word for a fag/ciggerete
Do you have some juice?
by POKOYA July 17, 2008
when your talkin to someone, and you wnat to say "you" but you just say "juice instead, its way better
"juice want to go to the store with meh?"
by Big-D A stat April 08, 2008
Juice is a word used to insult your friend or friends that are acting in a manner you do not like. Juice can be used instead of bitch pussy punk looser cornball soft or uncooperative but means the same thing.
Idont want to go over there.
man stop being such a juice call her over.
by GIHAT November 03, 2007
Use in place of adjectives like 'cool,' 'tite,' 'boss,' 'bomb,' 'sick,' etc.
Dude, that car is juice.
by Shabazz K. Milton Berle February 05, 2007
another way of spelling "jews"
oh dear, juice everywhere!
juice is my breakfast
by woowee June 13, 2006
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