An exclaimation.
Slang for overwhelmingly good.
Used frequently to descibe tastes of food
Damn thats real good!
Nigga thats some juice!
by dualcorex January 07, 2011
Juice is a word used to insult your friend or friends that are acting in a manner you do not like. Juice can be used instead of bitch pussy punk looser cornball soft or uncooperative but means the same thing.
Idont want to go over there.
man stop being such a juice call her over.
by GIHAT November 03, 2007
In some parts of the U.S., you may hear the expression "coffee and juice", or some mix therof, which means weed ("COUGH-ee") and alcohol.
I start every day with a healthy dose of coffee n juice.
by Gamberro Salvador January 24, 2007
Use in place of adjectives like 'cool,' 'tite,' 'boss,' 'bomb,' 'sick,' etc.
Dude, that car is juice.
by Shabazz K. Milton Berle February 05, 2007
another way of spelling "jews"
oh dear, juice everywhere!
juice is my breakfast
by woowee June 13, 2006
a broad's butt
"That broad has a nice juice."
by doopskate July 10, 2008
An adjective to descibe someone/something as unnaturally funny in an extremely comedic way.

Other forms:

If someone is being really funny, "Man you're really juicin' it today."

Can be used in the past tense, "Wow dude you juiced that one."

Can also be used to describe anything cool or smooth in general. i.e. Juicin' it with the ladies, jokes, Waves etc.

Can be used in regaurds appearancce. i.e. "You sure look juicy today."
Juice form: "Bro you sure are juicin' it today with the ladies."
by Juice. April 25, 2006
juice as in pussy juice. when girls are horny they get wet. they cum juice. female ejaculation. the "juice" is to lubricate the vagina for the male penis
her juice leaked outta her pussy down her legs.
i liked her juice off her pussy
her juice tasted greeeeat.
by michelle February 20, 2005

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