another word for a vagina
"Would you like to drink my juice box?"
by Kayla Hirak, Brittany Simson October 28, 2007
Top Definition
Synonymous with pussy, cunt, box, twat, or vagina.
Man, dawg, I want to eat her juice box.
by bodhicide June 05, 2005
A weak man who let's people walk over them. A Panzee.
Yo girl, your mans' a juicebox.
by Big Sofa April 29, 2011
When a dude and babe are having sex, and the pre-come, natural lubricant, and eventual ejaculation turn the babes pussy into a "juicebox". added to this becuase of the "juicebox" a squelching noise may be heard while the dude pushes his dick back and forth.

"emily needed to clean up her juicebox after the hot sex fest her and joey had"
by xbeatdownx November 12, 2007
a box full of juice
i have an apple juicebox
by Madd Squirel June 12, 2004
a vagina, especially one that is plump (perhaps resembling a clenched fist) and contains in inordinate amount of juices, ready to burst
D: Marv, I'm telling you, man, you should have seen the juice box on this broad; it was just oozing.

M: Well, then, I guess the juice was loose, huh?
by the lexicographer February 24, 2009
A word used for many purposes. may mean jerk, jerkoff, bitch, loser, asshole, lame, stupid, i.e. Zoey 101.
Girl: Hey, did you watch Jackass last night?
Boy: Yeah. They're such JUICEBOX's!
by cheesedchick97 September 20, 2009
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