Someone who thinks for himself, a natural leader who doesn't follow the crowd. One who is unusually tall and skinny. Someone who is accident prone.
Careful! Watch out, don't go pulling a juggy!
by ask me again when I'm awake February 03, 2010
Top Definition
adj. Blessed with bountiful breasts.
Damn! That chick is juggy!
by Holden McCrank February 01, 2003
female dancers on "the man show".
wow, those juggies sure are talented!
by pix February 22, 2003
Incredibly short jean shorts that a female wears to show off her butt and legs, often resembling the adult version of the jean diapers for babies.
Guy 1: Damn, that girl has some nice looking short jean shorts!
Guy 2: Hell yeah, I wish she would let me into those juggies!

Woman 1: Wow, that girl does not need to be wearing those shorts. What would her momma say?
Woman 2: Yeah, not every girl can pull off a pair of juggies.
by McFigs July 28, 2010
noun. One of those women jumping on trampoline's at the end of The Man Show.
by Stephanie September 04, 2003
Another name for Boobs, Breasts, Tits etc. Expanded from the term Jugs.
Phil: 'Check out that lass with the massive Juggies!'

John: 'Nice!'
by Mr Blonde Clifton May 11, 2009
to become fat or corpulent after a vacation.
Corrie- Hey how was your trip to Italy?
Julia- It was great, i just ate to much gelato and am feeling a bit juggy.
by Ilovebicls January 25, 2009
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