A dealer or slanger used often in lyrics by MC crittz and other grime MC's
is that yute still jugglin'...are you still a juggla?
by soldier reppin urban March 21, 2007
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Loser Pieces of shit. Plain and simple.
juggla = some icp related trash
by Juggaho killer October 04, 2006
Violent J the Juggla
Look me up under Juggla and you'll find my name, and if you dont, then your dictionarys lame. Mother fucker.
by SovereignScorn October 29, 2004
a juggla also means a shotter,dealer etc its mainly used in tha city of birmingham uk
geezer:yo u no that juggla from tha B20
bod:ye ye
geezer:yo hes got tha DANK
by E-don December 21, 2005
A drug dealer. Used in the song Cloudy Room by the British band the twang.
-Lets get some Gian Luca, better phone the juggla
by adthefox June 16, 2007
Desendants of the Dark Carnaval, two of the most wickedest Axe Weilding Clowns the planet has every seen. shaggy 2 dope and Violent Jay have risen a fan base like voodoo wizards and we are the Jugglas.
The Jugglas came over the hill weilding axes and hatchets.
don't fuck with the jugglas.
by Luke-0 T June 28, 2006
My favorite song from the insane clown posse.
I'm that nerd in the back of the class that went psycho and killed ya ass I slash and cut and hack with a kick me sign on my back!
by TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DOH November 02, 2004

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