when you bait alot of lines, hang them from trees, and let them sit for the night with the hopes of catching a catfish or 20.
ey bo wanna go do some jugging?

arright ima go grab the boat you get da lines n beer good buddy
by Ricky Romano October 03, 2010
Top Definition
finessing , making money dope muullaa , stealing
let's go jugging.
by hehehe girl September 09, 2015
pouring an entire gallon of milk in your butt
From Cyanide and Happiness, 11-6-2013, number 3358:

Hey Kid, wanna do drugs?

No way, Dude! Drugs aren't cool.

What?! Since When?

I dunno... The 70's maybe?

Well, what's cool now?

Pouring an entire gallon of milk in your butt. It's called jugging.

by toyotafreak88 November 10, 2013
The action which can be observed while watching a woman (or man unfortunately) with especially large mammary glands jog.
Oh man, we were in gym today and bob was jugging and his man knockers were almost hitting him in the face!
by tonyhorton May 29, 2010
intravenous injection of drugs into one's jugular vein, located in the neck.

since it's so hard to jug yourself, assistance from another person is often required. usually the person using has to lay down and hold their breath, in order to puff out the veins; someone else will then do the injection for them.
person 1: "what the hell are you doing?"
person 2: "jugging my dope. all the veins in my arms are fucked."
by beeper December 06, 2007
Southern slang for dissin someone.
Two dudes started fighting because they were jugging at one another.
by Sunny Capri November 16, 2003

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