When a person is making fun of or talking smack about another person.
"Ooh he juggin!"
"What he say?"
"He said you got some big ass ears"
"Dude quit juggin"
by Lenyonga October 24, 2006
Top Definition
on the streets makin money selling dope and robbing niggas usaully only trapstars know bout this life... Hoes come to them they dont need to chase them
Chief Keef is really out there juggin make all his money. Shit, so is this yung rich trapstar @wla_bruce on instagram. They usaully only want top cause they aint trustin these hoes
by @wla_bruce October 28, 2013
When you have a drink of something strait from the jug using no cup
Man quit juggin and use a cup.
That kid was juggin that juice, throw it out!
by Jeff121212 November 13, 2007
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