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noun- a person you see at the gym who carries around a water jug that exceeds one gallon in capacity. A person who is not content with the water fountain, juice bar, or a normal person 20 oz water bottle, but feels the need to carry a huge container of water, perhaps compensating for something else. normally these guys will be steroid abusers or people who try to look serious when workin out.
the definition of juggie is pretty self explanitory.
by scott schultz June 05, 2007
A person who believes anything in the internet (usually used on kids)
Don't be a Juggie, not everything is real.
by Armana Dikinono November 10, 2015
someone who is subscribed to mcjuggernuggets on youtube
oh hey man i just became a juggie you should too
by schoolyoufools May 10, 2015
A person who believes almost anything on the internet. (mostly kids)
Tom: Hey, did you see the new prank video?
Billy: C'mon man, only a juggie would believe that's real.
by Charfra May 05, 2016
A virgin for life that has 0 chance of getting a girlfriend
Hey man did you see the new mcjuggernuggets vid? Yeh bro it's sick juggie for lyf <3
by Justin mandam April 11, 2016
A Juggie is a doodlebugger -- someone who works on a seismograph crew (oil exploration). The term "Juggie" or "Jughead" has been used since the late 1940s in the United States.
Juggies meet every year in Afton, Wyoming for the Annual Juggie Convention (near Jackson Hole). A Juggie may work on a portable (helicopter) crew, a land crew or marine crew.
by conniemod September 07, 2008
The man who shoots milk out of his nipples.

Known for riding bycicle without seat, sits on pole. Also see Salso
Commonly used by homosexuals to describe injurys caused during intercourse.

Example. Wow that Juggie on my ass hurts. In this case its refering to a rash.
by Anonymous February 08, 2003
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