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Scientology for retards.

A cult created by the Inane Clown Pussies, to lure gay and retarded morons into spending their parents' money on overpriced music and clothes featuring a bad drawing of a man running with a meat cleaver.

The juggalos believe that God is some stupid carnival of dead fags parading around. So pathetic...
Dude 1: What's that gay retard doing with that meat cleaver?

Dude 2: Oh he's just practicing juggaloism.

Juggalo: Yo MMFCL mutha fackas!

Juggalo Holocaust dude: Say your prayers, juggafag! Mwahahahaha!!! (chops juggalo's head off)
by JuggaloH8R December 30, 2009
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Juggaloism IS NOT a religion, but simply a way of thought and a creative fictional story. Even juggalos don't believe in juggaloism because in album covers and interviews juggalos say they couldn't do this without god.
In the cover of the ICP album, the amazing jeckel brothers, Insane clown posse talks about the help of god. Juggaloism isn't even mentioned.
by -[SWK]-JeCkEl3692 October 02, 2005
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Actually it is a real religion. Due to the fact that Juggalos come from all faith backgrounds, it would be difficult to describe the higher power, or God, in a way that would be understood by everyone if we didn't call it the Dark Carnival. The place of happiness and peace in the afterlife is called Shangri-la, the place of punishment and regret is called Hell's Pit.
As with any other religion, Juggaloism sets out guidelines for behavior, such as don't hate on other Juggalos, no domestic violence, racism, things like that. We have our own clergy, religious meetings, and are recognized by the government as a religion. The hatchetman is a valid religious symbol to those who believe in Juggaloism and is therefore protected by religious freedom. We are in no way a cult, because we do not require money or blind obedience from members.
Some of the actions of the Fellowship of Juggalos (a church started for Juggalos), have been the Juggalo Suicide Prevention line, care packages for pregnant Juggalettes, and monetary assistance (out of the clergy's pockets) for members in need.
if a person doesn't claim a faith on their own, but they believe in the Dark Carnival, Shangri-la, and Hell's pit, that's Juggaloism.
by Deacon Select Giggles March 15, 2006
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A religion, Juggaloism is god based. The Joker's cards relate to the different parts of god and religion and spirtitual, its like Christianity, but with wicked shit.
Idiot: Juggalos and Juggaloism is bullshit satanist religion!!!

Me: Listen to Thy Unveiling. Nothing else to say.
by PsychopathicRydaZ August 06, 2006
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Juggaloism is a religion that the Insane Clown Posse introduced to the world in 1992 with the first Joker's Card: The Carnival of Carnage. Since then there have been many more advances on to the Juggalo community of believers, and five more Joker's Cards: The Ringmaster, The Riddlebox, The Great Milenko, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers and the Shangri-la (heaven) and Hell's pit version of the last Joker's Card The Wraith.

Many people see the people see the Dark Carnival as evil because of the things they see about it. But to think so is ignorance. The Carnival is a supernatural caravan of dead Juggalos and Juggalettes and spirits of the Carnival traveling the Earth to pick up the departed, evil or holy.

The Carnival unlike the Devil or God , all they do is judge the purity of your soul, and take you to heaven or hell. Juggalos stay behind with the carnival because in at the end of the world: The Tempest, they will fight in the battle of Armageddon. That is why it is appropriate for Juggalos to be called ninjas, because that it what they are.

The Tempest is the end of the world. It is the same thing as The bible book: Revelations, but it is described as a great storm, and in the Juggalo faith, it is believed to be happening very soon.

ICP's music reflects everything about this religion very figuratively, and befor the Sixth Joker's Card, kind of secretly. They did this because they wanted to draw in people who were lost from God's word, and who had the spirit to go find more about the Dark Carnival. You are not a true Juggalo unless you believe in God. ICP's music is all entertainment, but if you look farther into it, they are only talking about killing wicked people. I know they aren't going out and killing sinners, because they mean this also figuratively. Killing the wicked is merely a metaphor for killing the wicked inside of people.

The Dark Carnival is very related to Christianity, but in a modern way. Juggalo's cus because they beleive that over time, the weight of a sin has changed, small sins like cussing and stuff like that, are not as important as bigotry or murder. Many don't think ICP's music is Christian, but it is. One example is on the Shangri-la cd. On many of the back tracks it said things about Jesus being our savior.
"Juggaloism is evil, isn't it?"
by Apolion From Up Above September 18, 2006
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It is said to be a religion that juggalos follow, which includes the belief of the Dark Carnival, and the messages ICP has sent subliminally thru their music.
It is unsure if this religion is for real or not yet tho, but their getting people to sign a petition on equal rights.
"I cant wash the face paint off, its part of my religion - juggaloism"
"Fuck the bible, im into juggaloism.
by Miss.Lette. March 01, 2005
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