A public service organization dedicated to warning to the general public of the dangers of the Insane Clown Posse, their music and their hapless Juggalo followers.
The Juggalo Holocaust is here to protect you.
by Sparky49 March 19, 2013
A group of lifeless trolls who think that they are some superior race above your average man. Most commonly a teenager who got dissed by a Juggalo and was to much of a pussy to do anything about it.
(Juggalo Holocaust Member):(On a computer) "I'll kill any dropout fatass bitch juggahoe i see"

(True Juggalo):"Why dont you say something to my face in real life?"

Nothing gets done at all...
by Juggalo Named Chris July 19, 2011
dumb punks on the internet trying to scare juggalos
hur hur, look at me! i have no life, kill all juggalos! i'm so mad at life cuz i'm still whacking off in my mom's basement. juggalo holocaust yay!!.
by theboyblue91982 January 30, 2009
It has been a rumor floating around the internet since 2004. It was created by a young person who does not like the group 'ICP'. It was then mass influenced by finding a few newspaper articles and web blog articles that depicted certain individuals that had violent crimes committed against them, that just happen to be fans of 'ICP'. You can compare this to what you read in supermarket tabloids. It's not real, but it's put together with so much information that you are led to believe it.
by IaMcAkE December 08, 2009
Assholes who have nothing better to do than fuck with the Juggalo Fam.

They are usually White Trash Haters sporting JH on thier clothes.

Honestly, if they hate Juggalos so much why would they use "Juggalo" in thier name?
Fuck Dat Juggalo Holocaust Bullshit
by SpaZ the Juggalette October 06, 2009
A type of fear tactic that people use to try and get a band they don't like and their fans to stop doing what their doing. Because people that commit crimes try to find anything they can to get out of the crime, they blame bands such as the ones signed to Psychopathic Records and call themselves juggalos. So, then people hear it and they want to stop the juggalos from "doing anymore things like the other juggalo", and they target anyone that wears or listens to anything Psychopathic and try to punk them out. And as a note; I bet everyone that hates Psychopathic has a friend that's a juggalo.
by Bloo32 November 10, 2009
its nun but a punk tryna hate on the family...whoop whoop. aint no one gonna wipe the juggalo family out wes there 4 eachother and we bak each other up. ima juuggalete and i dare a hater to dis the familt 2 my face cuz im psychopathic
by miss juggalette June 01, 2010
The fight between the people that hate juggalos and juggalettes because they are different. lo's and lette's are hated on by everyone except their kind. the government doesnt care about us yes i am a lette so fuck with me if you have to cuz i dont care but ya the holocaust is a real thing made by a kid on the internet because he got into a fight with a lo so he decded to make a group on the internet and ya it got hits cuz ppl hate us.
look around your school what do you see the most of? girls that wear make-up and put others down cuz they feel sorry for them selves, guys who are on some type of team that beat up others to make themselves feel better. im not saying we hate all of you only the ones we hate are the ones who hate on us if we hated all 'preps' and 'jocks' then why in the hell would i hang out with them huh? u shulda though of dat b4 you started the juggalo holocaust
by Meyer the fukin lette January 04, 2010

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