It has been a rumor floating around the internet since 2004. It was created by a young person who does not like the group 'ICP'. It was then mass influenced by finding a few newspaper articles and web blog articles that depicted certain individuals that had violent crimes committed against them, that just happen to be fans of 'ICP'. You can compare this to what you read in supermarket tabloids. It's not real, but it's put together with so much information that you are led to believe it.
by IaMcAkE December 08, 2009
The juggalo holocaust has sparked much interest in the Juggalo/Juggalette family. So far, 20-25 juggalos have been shot and killed whereas 6 juggalettes have been raped. Rumor has it that this "Juggalo Holocaust" started in Beerfest '04. The attackers are said to wear the initials 'JH' on their shoes, shirts, and some even had bandanas. Any juggalo or juggalette that spots someone with these intials need to stay in large groups and in very lit areas. Be aware of everyone and stay down with the clown. Dont let these idiots stop us.
"Down With The Clown Till I'm Dead In The Ground!"
"NO Juggalo Holocaust can stop us."
by David D. Davidson June 21, 2008
The Saving of the American Person.
Juggalo's claim to not be a gang but they never fight their own battles so they get their juggalo "homies" to fight for them.

The Juggalo Holocaust is a good thing its people grouping up and taking out the groups of juggalos.

"man mcl f**k haters juggablow for life" -juggalo
"F**k that! JUGGALO HOLOCAUST!" -savior
"Icp rules im a juggalo" -Little dirty kid with no friends
"well the juggalo holocaust is here" -savior
"thats not real" little dirty kid again
"how do you think your brother died?" -savior
"tumor!" - dirty kid
"nah it was this" -savior
*takes the kid out*
by Krilllination July 14, 2009
Anti-Juggalo Oligarchy;

Against those who call themselves "juggalos" or "ninjas" normally claiming they are being themselves or individualistic, despite doing everything they are told to do by two high school dropouts in makeup. You will recognize them by the familiar stench of B.O. and stale cigarettes. They are almost literally walking diarrhea people.
Their mission is to highlight juggaloser buffoonery by way of trollz whilst utilizing logic. something they know nothing of.

A juggalo will typically bitch and whine about imaginary "haters" and cause problems in the community regularly. The JH is merely a collective of individuals who have taken notice of the juggalo gang and choose to fight it-- by LAUGHING at them.

This has proven to be quite effective, as it takes virtually no effort to expose the idiocy of the juggalo gang since they pretty much incriminate themselves. Hopefully this will make them realize their gang isn't taken seriously and society has taken note of their hebetude.
But if it doesn't, in the end we all still have something to laugh at.

Clowns are MEANT to be laughed at.
The Juggalo Holocaust is a fool catcher-- and the juggafools fell for it!
by nuketheclowns March 19, 2013
A public service organization dedicated to warning to the general public of the dangers of the Insane Clown Posse, their music and their hapless Juggalo followers.
The Juggalo Holocaust is here to protect you.
by Sparky49 March 19, 2013
A group of bigoted adults that beat up/rape children and teens whom claim to be associated with Juggalo's/Juggalette and psychopathic records. There are few known cases of a holocaust member that has acted violently towards an adult Juggalo/Juggalette. These people are no better then what they claim they are fighting against. In fact they are worse. At least ICP fans don't beat up little kids.
35 year old Juggalo holocaust member: ew ... look at that little kid wearing and icp shirt lets beat him up.
holocaust member's friend: Dude, leave him alone he is just a little kid besides his juggalo parents are with him and you know they will beat your ass.
35 year old juggalo holocaust member: yeah your right.
by Sadie-Bane April 04, 2014
Proof that Mental Retardation and Eating Paint Chips as a child can no longer hinder members of society in their quest of nonpareil deterioration.
As well as proof that jealousy can still equip the morally inept affiliates of life with the necessary tools to create a movement no matter how redundant or unethical.

In layman's terms ,

J.H. Stands for and represents, The people who during their high school days made fun of or were involved with a group that made fun of juggalos/juggalettes and now years later in life no longer have their group yet still witness the same juggalos/lettes with their members from those days living and loving life all the same, and because of this has nothing but immense amounts of distain for the turn in there own lives and the fact of losing touch with their “Life long click”, Therefore feels the need to ruin(or at least attempt to) the lives and everyday fun of current and past Juggalos/Lettes, Yet 95% of the time fall short due do their own inadequacies and unorganized horridly fumbled “Gang Raids” which leads them back to their online forum “Land Of Banned” were they usually spend another 450 hours bitching and moaning about how much they hate Los and Lettes.


A person with no life and nothing better to do then attack ( both physically and mentally) those they are jealous of with in the Juggalo World wishing that they too could one day feel even a thimble of the love Juggalos and Juggalettes possess.
I hate juggalos because they kicked my ass and stole my girl, where can i feel accepted...
Land of the Banned seems cool.

Im gonna go and beat some for fun
...OH SHIT, i just got my ass kicked again, Oh well i can always go back to my pathetic little website and pretend like i just kicked some ass.
by NedenMuncher January 07, 2011
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