whut he sed only we aint losers and we aint different from anybody else. we down wit the clown fo' life
juggalos are always underestimated.
by seth January 26, 2005
Anyone who is, yes, down with the clown. And for all you ignorant people who hate ICP/Juggalos, you can go suck your mom's dick.

Being a Juggalo is more than listening to the music and wearing the shirts. It's not a gang, we're not trying to be black(if said Juggalo is white) Being a Juggalo is just like being a punk/gangster/etc. Just because we're different doesn't mean you need to hate.
Juggalos are different and if you gotta problem with it Fuck off

MCL to my Ninjas and Ninjettes
by Juggalo fo life Mutha Facko April 13, 2005
A Juggalo, a female being a Juggalette, is a person who is a believer in the Dark Carnival, a superior Being preached about by the Insane Clown Posse. A Juggalo goes through his day knowing the 6 Joker Cards are the echoes of our lives. They are united with eachother as the Juggalo Family, helpin' eachother out, ready to swing an axe in case a fellow family member is in trouble, knowing the fuckin' pain eachother faces in their daily lives because they too have shit goin' down in their lives. Juggalos are down with the clown 'till their dead in the ground, and they're goin' to Shangri-La. The Juggalo Family/Dark Carnival welcomes all, takin' all types, size, shapes of people, even if you're a freak. You will be welcomed into the Juggalo Family no matter who you are, just as the rest of the family was.

Little bitches try to diss Juggalos all the time, but all they ever do is look like bigger douche bags than they already are because they're afraid of clowns/people wearing face paint after they were mollested by people wearing excessive make-up, usually being their mothers, as if the people mollesting them were crack whores who need to wear excessive ammounts of make up just to look any wear close to good. So whenever you see someone dissing Juggalos, you can just feel sorry for them because deep down, their sad their crack whore mothers molested them at one point in their life.
After the richie-boy fuck tried to diss a Juggalo, three more Juggalos came up and smacked the richie with an axe until his face was unidentifiable.
by -Kage- March 23, 2006
What Is A Juggalo??? (People have been asking me what is a juggalo well this is what we are.) What is a juggalo? is a hard question and is very hard to answer its more of a feeling and a state of mind.A Juggalo is not a follower but a leader .A Juggalo does not follow the "fads" or "labels" or wats cool in school or the world (a juggalo understands that being popular isnt important) we dont pretend to be something that we're not (a juggalo is true to him/herself). We do not do what ICP and other bands tell us what to do they are sheep we may not do what they say but they still got some sweet lyrics and if you have a problem with that i dont give a flip.Juggalos are misunderstood and often steriotyped into thugs satanist ect.We are against all hate,rasism, steriotypes,and haters there is no such thing as a rasist juggalo we do not judge on a persons gender race age size or anything because a juggalo is smart enough to know that hate and rasism is steps behind for our society.Juggalos believe in the "prophacies of the Dark Carnival" that does Not make us satanist or anti-christ if you steriotype us then you dont understand what we'er about. Wrapping this up juggalos have a family and treats that family with love and respect even though they're not blood. All juggalos are human and we all were created equal by our Father in Shangri-La.
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by kk7777 October 12, 2006
First off. CLAIRITY!!!
A Juggalo is not somebody who is a "fan" of Insane Clown Posse or any other psychopathic group. You don't necessarily even need to have a specific preference to Insane Clown Posse. Its not devil music. Most Juggalos follow God (see song lyrics to "thy unveiling").
I am a Juggalo. I don't particularly follow God but I respect people who do and don't.
Juggalos are the people who everybody hates for no reason. Why are these people hated so much. No reason. It is seen as a convince to not be friendly to these people. And why so. A friend sticks up for you and has your back as much as they can. Nobody is there 24/7 'cept siblings who hate you for affiliating you with Juggalos.
Juggalos are part of a family of Juggalos, brothers and sisters of all different races, ages, weights, shapes, sizes, beliefs, hair color natural or dyed, income, there is nothing but your popularity and you undevotedness that can keep you from being a Juggalo. Juggalos are there for each other and will fight for each other. We love each other. Worldwide. All Juggalos like bands that are non-psychopathic affiliates. I've even met Juggalos who like some songs by Eminem. As long as you stay devoted to your Juggalo family you can call yourself a Juggalo. I've never seen a Juggalo go undefended by others amongst family. We don't stand for it. Not all Juggalos are poor, fat, ugly, stupid, drug abusers, stoners, alcoholics, "wiggers", or mentally ill. Shit I'm a Juggalo I've sent people scrambling to find a dictionary in casual conversation. It doesn't matter. We will always back a homie in need when we see need for it. I trust my Juggalo family more than my blood family. I rely on my Juggalo family more too.
Some people think that this term is bullshit. I don’t particularly care that much. Some people think that it was a feminist Juggalo… just whatever. I respect whatever a sister wants to be called should it be Juggalo, Juggalette, or anything else.
Juggalos are made up of the outcasts, people that all the popular people hate and all the people discriminated against for no reason. They are part of the best family and have better friends than any other non-Juggalo could ever have.
A Juggalo always has their Juggalo family even if their alone we will always be together in spirit. If you don't like that or don't like so you reject it then fuck you bitch.
by Energizerman38 October 06, 2006
Juggalos are a group of people who enjoy ICP. We don't care what people think. We don't care what other perople do. The word Juggalo is unisex oriented. ICP only said Juggalett once, which was in reference to the fan who started the word. It is not ICP created. So any female who calls herself a Juggalett is not a true Juggalo.
Male: What's up Juggalo
Female: Oh! Hey Juggalo!!!
by Wickedness September 21, 2008
A Juggalo is the guy that nobody knows. Nobody understands them, so therfour, they hate them. A Juggalo gets fucked with their whole life, and our found working hard for everything they have, because they are unwanted and unrespected. The only thing they have in the end, is their Juggalo Family. They know when things get tough they have their juggalo family to fall back on.

A Juggalo does not care about all the latest trends, all the high-school labels, all the drama, because a Juggalo is born different from the sheep that pretend to be exactly like everyone else. Therfour, anyone saying "Yo dawg, I's be down wit da mufa fuckin clowns, yo" and is sporting every single hatchet ware product and listins to just ICP, is not a Juggalo.

Because Juggalos are misunderstood, and hard to define, they are continually ridiculed. Often stereotyped as white trash, thugs, or stupid. First of all, stereotyping is stupid. I could call all haters stupid because the hate us because they don't understand us, but I don't, because I know some haters have resonable reasons to hate us, no wait, THERE IS NO REASON FOR HATE.

Juggalos are againts all hate. Just like in ICP's lyrics, we are againts all racists, stereotyping, and haters. Because a juggalo is smart enough to know all of these things are useless to society.

And for the record, in my excpierence with juggalos, many of them have ICP as the're 3rd or 4th favorite band. Twiztid, Tech N9ne and ABK mostly being in front.

Because of the appeal of a rap/metal insane clown group, many young people may be attracted to being juggalos. Of course, using these lyrics they would sound quite immature, without knowing what they meen. These are the Juggalos that haters stereotype. But I would never call a young 11-14 year old a juffalo, there just as much a ninja as others, just a bit less mature.
by Spikesy July 09, 2006

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