A juggalo is a term for anyone who is enlightened enough to understand aspects of life through multiple perspectives. one who values the opinion of the neighborhood crack whore just as much as the middle class white guy. A juggalo would never discriminate against anyone for any reason. He (or she, or it) would never judge someone based on race, color, religion, background, sexual prefernence, goals or anything. A juggalo is someone with an exceptional amount of love to bring to the world. one who accepts anyone regardless of their flaws. it is more than ICP. they just provided the key of enlightenment. Sometimes It takes some white rappers painted like clowns to make a change. A juggalo will love you even when you hate him..peace! To fully embrace the light, one must fully understand the dark..
I love people even when they hate me cuz imma juggalo!!
by Fats pepper March 04, 2007
A Juggalo Is Not Just An ICP Fan, Ask Yourself A question If Juggalo Means ICP Fan Then, Why The Fuck Are J And Shagz Juggalos? Its Not All Bout Phsychopathic Records Its Bout Family, Its Bout Holdin The Hatchet High, We All Haunted By A dark Carnival, We Show Clown Love, We Just Dont Give A Fu*k we Speak What We Have To Say, You Dont Like it Fu*k Off, We Hate Fakes, Haters, Racists and All That Sh*t.One More Thing I Have Started To notice A Huge Change In The Juggalo Nation, Juggalos Have Been Trying To Prove Whos A Better juggalo Than One another. There Is No Such Thing As A better Juggalo Than Another. They Scrapn Wit Family And They Claim To Be juggalos? What The Fu*k Is Up Wit You People? Remember The True Way Of our Lifestyle Stay Real But Dont Fu*k Wit Our Family You Do That Sh*t U A Juffalo We Show Clown Love To One Another We All Family. Hold The Hatchet High Till Im High In The Sky Im Going To Shangri-La Whos Coming Wit Me? MCl -TwigZ
Juggalo True Member Of The Juggalo Family.
by MoonMist_Ninja November 08, 2006
A true Juggalo/Juggalette is a person not giving a fuck what society thinks about them. They don’t care about being accepted. It is not about being a fan of ICP. Actually, real Juggalos/Juggalettes may not even know who the fuck ICP is, nor care. If your intention is to wear makeup to try and act like a Juggalo/Juggalette, or to try and get a reaction out of people, you are not a real Juggalo/Juggalette and you are completely missing the point of what it really is. On the other hand; if you wear makeup because you don’t give a fuck about what people think of you walking around that way and actually feel like wearing it just because you want to that day, you are a real Juggalo/Juggalette. You don’t have to know about or even give a fuck about the dark carnival, faygo, or even know what a neden is to be a true Juggalo/Juggalette. Most real Juggalos/Juggalettes don’t even know who the fuck ICP is. It is not about being part of a family, or having anyone’s back. True Juggalos/Juggalettes could give a shit about being part of a family and being accepted. It is about living your life doing whatever the fuck you feel like doing and not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. The minute you start to give a fuck about anything, is the minute you stop being a true Juggalo/Juggalette.
Not Real Juggalo: You got the Faygo and tickets ready for the ICP concert tonight?

Real Juggalo: Who cares about that shit. Who cares about wtf ICP even is.
by WhoCares8759256 October 29, 2009
I was searching for something and then I found what was right infront of me. It seems like common knowledge to me. A Juggalo is somebody how does unto others as they would want them to do unto them. Not giving a shit what people think about you and keeping going with people just like them having their backs. It's not a gang or common to most belief, it is not a religion. People think it is a religion because of the "Dark Carnival." (The Dark Carnival was dreamed by the ICP member Violent Jay and symbolized us dying and our souls getting gathered up and judged by how we did in this world with some thus interpreted literal or metaphorical meanings) The Dark Carnival simplie shows that we should do unto others in a good way and strive to go into a happy after life. The music may be violent, but that is simply because that is who they are. The Dark Carnival never mentions anything about not hurting or killing. It's a free lifestyle to be yourself. The Dark Carnival just lets you know that there is always consequences to what you do. We will all one day be judged is what it means. Each dream wheather real or not is a message of how to be better and that karma is a bitch but live how you live. Thats what it means to me and most. It is simbalized as the carnival being our world with 'the happy people' looking in at us like freaks, (thus the makeup) Like we don't belong, making us a freak in the carnival. But we rise above it and stick with our freaks and not give a fuck. Juggalos don't worship ICP or anybody, they just go through life not caring what others think, being themselves, and holding a meaning (even if not a literall meaning) to what is said by ICP and other Psychopathic Records artists. You don't see people going out and killing people just cause 50 cent does it do you?.....well......the world is full of nuts lol. I'm a freak and I face it with my fellow freaks. Do unto others, live your life, have each others backs, and hold morals hoping for better. Sounds like something ya'll should try to understand! It's not about breaking rules and being violent and dressing a certain way, it's about being yourself and being excepted by your homies. I did partake in a Fago shower. Which symbolizes washing away the judgement and the old to become anew and excepted. I don't have a religion anymore, I just have a moral standard, and a whole group that knows what it's like to be disliked.
Got morals and down for each other not excepted = Juggalo
by Me being a juggalo July 28, 2009
Basic Origin of the word:
In 1993, during a live performance of the song "The Juggla"
from the album Carnival of Carnage, Bruce addressed the audience
as Juggalos, and the positive response resulted in the group
using the word thereafter.....

In a 2005 interview, Shaggy 2 Dope explained that you could be
a Juggalo and not even listen to ICP and that A Juggalo is
a frame of mind and shit and that he was a Juggalo before
ICP. You don't even to have to fuckin' necessarily listen to
Psychopathic Records at all to be a Juggalo.
Juggalos are Juggalos.

a juggalo is an individual guided by the light who knows
who they are and what they want to be they recognize that the path
to shangri-la requires an open mind and that they should not judge
as they are part of a family they love their family as if they would
their own blood if not more so they believe that what you do comes
back in a strong systematic believe system based on karma they are
also ninjas they have no fear do not fear the unknown and embrace the
wonders of the world around them and the differences in othersthey
are in less words survivors nothing can bring them down they are
humans and recognize their flaws they strive to change the things
they can controls and seek strength for the things they can not they
cherish the teachings of their ancestors and the family that have
fallen before them they are full of love because with love there is
unity and strength love can not hurt or seek to destroy with love
in their heart love for their family and love for the carnival they
strive to find the path for shangri-la

The Boogieman of Mill City once said
being a juggalos isn't about being a "fan" of icp...
j and shaggs are juggalos themselves... being a juggalo is about
individuality... no one is ever fully accepted in this world...
and juggalos just don't give a fuck... so we sling our faygo,
jam to the wicked shit, and wave our middle fingers to the legions
of hypocrites, haters, and rich ass bitches trying to bring us
down... everyone in this world is so quick to judge... the close
minded percentage of the population hears the "cuss words"
in icp's music and automatically labels them "satanic" or "trash"...
but icp's music is laden with messages you bitches never stop to
hear... the "bad language" just weeds out the listeners that could
never be juggalos anyways... juggalos are opposed to bigotry and
domestic violence... we see the world from a much different angle...
and we have the ability to look past petty stereo-types
and prejudices... juggalos come in all shapes, sizes, colors,
and races... and still we are not like you... we look different,
we talk different, and we act different... we have no need to
impress... you put on your fake smile and your fancy suit...
you go to work and lick your boss' ass crack... and make small
talk with your "friends" and talk shit about them in the same
breath... and you go home to your wife and kids and you kiss them
with the lips you been sucking on your assistant's tits with...
and you continue to live in your utterly corrupted fake world...
juggalos live in the real world... we say what we mean and we mean
what we say... we don't front for anyone... and you will never change
us... but of course... to fully understand what a juggalo is...
you must truly be one... I'll be a juggalo 'til my very last breath.

Being a juggalo is about being yourself and being part of a family that will always except you for that
if your a juggalo your part of a family and that family has your back no matter what and will help you with anything to the best of their ability
we look out for one another being a homie is giving a ninja the shirt off your back just cause that mother fuckers cold or some shit
being a juggalo is less complicated of a concept then you think but at the same time just out of your comprehension range if your not one
but if you are one you always were and when you start using the title is around the time you realize it juggalos are born its like a genetic abnormality
were different if you dontl ike us fuck you basically because weve got you in numbers fuck gangs were not a gang and never were there are homies that rep shit
and thats cool its part of who they are and thats where it ends a crip and blood could be the best of friends providing theyre family youve got your rydaz now those mother fuckers arent to be messed with
man its the gangters weve got em too but the difference is a gangster juggalo will kill you just because he wants to see you bleed for no reason not like pussy suburbian white boy gangsters like there are everywhere else
youve got your hippy juggalos and your pacifist juggalos but ninja dont fuck with the pacifists either because you gotta remember homie the rydas is family..
in short we vary there are a million different types of juggalos and we all except each other being a juggalo means that you dont give a fuck family is family and if the rest arent down fuck em
When I die show no pity
send my soul to Juggalo city
dig my grave six feet deep
and put two matches at my feet
put two hatchets on my chest
and tell my homies i did my best
by Re$iN January 14, 2009
What is a juggalo? Let me think for a second. Well.. Oh, he gets butt nekkid. And then he walks through the streets, winkin' at the freaks. With a two liter (Of Faygo) stuck in his butt cheeks.

What is a juggalo? He just don't care. He might try to put a weave in his nut hair. 'Cause he could give a fuck less what a bitch thinks, he tell her that her butt stinks, and all that.

What is a juggalo? He drinks like a fish. And then he starts huggin' people like a drunk bitch. Next thing, he's pickin' fights with his best friend. Then he starts with the huggin' again.. Fuck.

What is a juggalo? A fucking lunatic. Somebody with a rope tied to his dick, then he jumps out a ten story window.. Oooh.

What is a juggalo? A juggalo. That's what it is, well, fuck if I know. But I'm down with the clown, and I'm down for life, yo.

What is a juggalo? A dead body. Well, he ain't really dead but he ain't like anybody you ever met before. He'll eat monopoly and shit out connect four.

What is a juggalo? He ain't a bitchboy. He'll walk through the hills and beat down a rich boy. Walks right in the house, when you're having supper, and dip his nuts in your soup.

What is a juggalo? Well, he ain't a phoney. He'll walk up and bust a nut in your macaroni. And watch you sit there. And eat it. 'Cause you're a stupid ass dumb bitch fuckin' idiot.

What is a juggalo? He's a graduate. He graduate from....Well. At least he got a job. He's not a dump puts. He works for himself, scratchin' his nuts.

What is a juggalo? A hulkamaniac. He powerbombs mother fuckers into thumbtacks. People like him til they find out he's unstable. He sabu'd your mom through a coffee table.

I figured you wouldn't understand.
See lyrics for "What is a Juggalo", by I.C.P, as seen partly above, or wholly through an internet search engine.
by Houdi February 23, 2008
A person that don't need any type of drug inlcuding alcahol or anything to tell you whats really on his mind and what his problem is... he will not put you down nor bother you unless piss him off but otherwise he wont give a fuck about you and do what he wants to do!
At a pub... (bar)

Juggalo 1:so what you been up 2 man?
Juggalo 2:just chilling dude.

Juggalo 2: dude what the fuck that guy is staring at us...
Juggalo 1: So fuck man ignore him.

Guy+Friends: You pair of weird fuck

Juggalo 1:Shut the fuck up dude...
Juggalo 2:man fuck this shit lets go he is annoying me

Guy+Friends: Yea thats it walk on pussy bitch boys

Depends on the state of mind a juggalo is in what happens next... >:}
by -W|tch-Doct0r- November 29, 2007
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