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well for one a juggalo aint a fan it is some one who could give a fuck less what people think, it is some one who can feel the dark carnival inside them. i am a juggalo and just to let you know not all of us are freaks not all of us paint our face daily i do it when im going to an icp or twiztid well any phsychopathic records concert, halloween partys and when im drinking.
say wat you will of me but i will always have juggalo family
by demonspaz February 03, 2007
The hardest motha fuckas you'll ever meet. The only true fan base that knows and accepts all other fans as family! Psycopathic Records bastard children who wont take shit from anyone and have amazing sense of humor and are all great friends just only to one another. Juggalos are known to be bumpin ICP, Twiztid, Blaze ya dead homie, ABK, Boondox, Dark Lotus, and wearing the merch and hatchet man. Juggalos are family and if your not a Juggalo you cannot speak on Juggalos because you have no clue what happens behind the paint!
"Who chopped your arm off and shoved it up your ass?"
"Some Juggalo!"

"What up Juggalo!"
"Whoop Whoop, What up ninja!"
by Ninjalotus Johnson March 25, 2010
Since everyone else wwriting this deffinition has a biased opinion, i wil try and stay neutral( although i am, myself, a juggalo). A juggalo is not a person or a gang, although alot of juggalos have a very strong feeling of family, and commit gang-esque crimes, such as graffiti. They are concidered a gang in multiple states, and i will admit, are actually a bit like one. Most juggalos drink faygo, listen to icp, twiztid, blaze ya dead homie, or boondox, among others. Some famous, self proclamed juggalos are vanilla ice and the guy that plays jason in all the original Friday the thirteenth movies.
Hey juggalos and 'lettes, mmfwcl and fuck the haters
by juggalo justification squad March 09, 2010
being a juggalo is a way of life it has nothing 2 do with icp other then them naming the the life style that they preach , basically (A real Juggalo) is someone thats being themselves,living life how they want 2 live it, being a free person, respecting people for who they are not being racist or a bigot , most of you think of us as crazy lower class white trash, but explain this then im Puerto Rican and German , i live in a house and got a job, just because you see allot of people claiming juggalo and they acted like assholes doesn't mean we are all like that , thats like saying o i seen such and such race doing such and such they that must mean they all do that , thats just being ignorant, so anyways you can be a juggalo and not even listen 2 icp cause like i said its a life style a way 2 live by , personally im starting 2 hate icp , i don't even bother with them anymore , but ill always claim juggalo cause like i said its not about icp its about me and us how we all live , not being mindless robots following others like most of people in the world do
i don't need an example 4 juggalo just read the definition it explains it all
by Kevin .K. December 05, 2009
A juggalo is somebody who dont care what you think about them. They got there familys back, and are always there for them. Shaggy 2 dope and Violent J met when they were younger, and people would tell them theyre worthless, and gonna end up being carneys, they didnt give a fuck! They painted there faces like clowns to show they didnt care. One day they decided to start a group/band, called, Insane Clown Posse. They got fairly famous, and attracted many fans. Who got what the real meaning in there songs meant. At one concert Violent J and Shaggy called there audience 'Juggalos' and thats where that term came from. But the meaning of ICP is family. No matter what, you'll always have somebody there to have your back to drink some faygo and get drunk off your ass with you. I <3 all my lo's and lette's. MMFWCL!
Bob: What the hell does "MMFWCL" mean?
Phil: much mutha fukin clown love! muthafuckoooo *puts an axe in his forehead*

Im a juggalette for life fool! juggalos are hawtttt.
by TwiztedSerialKillerJuggalo July 01, 2009
Family. For those of us who dont have a real one. For those of us who understand the message and music of Psychopathic Records. And for those who just dont give a fuck and actually believe in being themselves... so fuck the world fuck your negative opinions. MMFCL BITCHES IM A JUGGALO FOR LIFE!!!!
jock: im gonna kick ur ass u little icp faggot!
me: o ya? u and what army?
jock: 12 football players, theyre like my family.
me: Ya? then u gotta step to my juggalo family, the multiple millions of us!
jock: OH NO!!! not the juggalos!!! (cries to mommy and runs away to his jocky circle-jerk)
by midnitestealth May 24, 2009
A person who is down with the clown, who understands the carnival, weather they know it or not. Anyone who dose not believe that a Juggalo is more than just a fan of ICP or people who think we are a cult, I challenge you Listen to two songs, really listen. "Afraid of me" by twiztid off the album the green book, and if you dont get the full picture by then, listen to "Nothing's left" by ICP off the album the amazing jeckel brothers. We are not a fan club, its much deeper than that. Being a Juggalo means that you tell society to go fuck themselves. You cast out society, as they outcast you. You know better than to follow the pied piper as he leads you off a cliff. Why do you think we say fuck the world, its not shock value, its our values. All those who disagree can fuck themselves. If you make no effort to understand someone else's beliefs, you are just a prejudice bigot, which just means that you are afraid.
Juggalo: is...
There's no desert that ain't seen rain
Nobody here that ain't felt pain
There's no biggot that ain't been clowned
There's no treasure that I ain't found
Ain't no cave they never explored
Ain't no mother that ain't been ignored
There's no leader that ain't been led
There's no blood that ain't been shed
There's no dish they never made
Ain't no brick they never laid
Everything left's been done before
Nothings new, nowhere to explore
(from "Nothing's left")
by necromaster March 24, 2008