ME, ima mutha fuckin juggalo! and i love the hate being spread here! give me some thumbs downs , because im glad to know we get under your skin enough to make you read this and hate on us!!!! Woot mutha fuckin Woot! go put on some eminem, since he was a juggalo at one point in his life!!!!
these nuts are a good example.

What is a juggalo? a dead body, well he aint really dead but he aint like anyone you ever met before! he'll eat monpoly and shit out connect 4!
by ScruffytheJuggalo April 18, 2010
People who love underground music, especially Psychopathic Records. A Juggalo is anyone who seeks out a family who always respect each other and are family no matter where you live. The creators of this word and thought are ICP or Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. The whole clown thing is because were already strange might as well look it, and live life happily like clowns. People who don't like us or the music don't hate just because you don't understand us. Whoop Whoop!
by FunkyFreshColumbus March 22, 2010
someone who would fuck you up if you say shit about them...
i called the juggalo a fag and he kicked my ass..i wont do that again
by asgdfjkgf February 28, 2010
A family of people that society has rejected so we stick together and fuck anyboby up that fucks with us.we generally carry hatchets and wear the hatchetman symbol.
hater:hey look,its one of those juggalo fags again

Juggalo:im gonna fuckin kill you

Next day on news:there was a body found dead with a severed head and no limbs, the suspects are said to be juggalos
by imma juggalo December 12, 2009
A group of people who everyone else is far to afraid to understand. Mostly hated for enjoying something a little different than all the fly by night things they love for an hour. The juggalo world has got a lot of love that the self proclaimed "Normal people" like to push away and throw under the rug.
1 Hey, are you a juggalo?
2 Yeah I like ICP!

1 Oh well you obviously have no idea about anything ever.
by Killosixx May 12, 2009
most people here are saying their necropheliacs & using all thys sarcasim to define a juggalo/ juggalette...well they need to learn a juggalo/juggalette isnt jus what they think. its about being one as a juggalo family and being down for the clown.its a way of life. a juggalo/juggalette doesnt give a shitt what people think or say about them. theyll always have their juggalo family... mmfcl
ill always have juggalo family

down with the clown till im dead in the ground

by stupid bitch September 22, 2007
A Juggalo Is Not Just An ICP Fan, Ask Yourself A question If Juggalo Means ICP Fan Then, Why The Fuck Are J And Shagz Juggalos? Its Not All Bout Phsychopathic Records Its Bout Family, Its Bout Holdin The Hatchet High, We All Haunted By A dark Carnival, We Show Clown Love, We Just Dont Give A Fu*k we Speak What We Have To Say, You Dont Like it Fu*k Off, We Hate Fakes, Haters, Racists and All That Sh*t.One More Thing I Have Started To notice A Huge Change In The Juggalo Nation, Juggalos Have Been Trying To Prove Whos A Better juggalo Than One another. There Is No Such Thing As A better Juggalo Than Another. They Scrapn Wit Family And They Claim To Be juggalos? What The Fu*k Is Up Wit You People? Remember The True Way Of our Lifestyle Stay Real But Dont Fu*k Wit Our Family You Do That Sh*t U A Juffalo We Show Clown Love To One Another We All Family. Hold The Hatchet High Till Im High In The Sky Im Going To Shangri-La Whos Coming Wit Me? MCl -TwigZ
Juggalo True Member Of The Juggalo Family.
by MoonMist_Ninja November 08, 2006
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