One that follows the Insane Clown Posse or any Hatchet House (Psychopathic Records) artist. One that does not fuck farm animals, but one who is against dumbass, woman beating, bigots. Anyone that commits an act of murder against another in the name of the Insane Clown Posse, is not a follower but a misguided youth, they do not know the true message that the Insane Clown Posse is trying to give. Their music may sound twisted and unintelligible but the message is there, the message of hate; hate that is for redneck, sister fucking assholes. Most may not like the Juggalo Family, but what those idiots don't know is that most Juggalos come from a good home, go to school, and have good jobs. some Juggalos choose to go to college, raise a family, and pass love to everyone they meet.
The Insane Clown Posse has a message for everyone, but some are just to blind and ignorant to see the love that the Insane Clown Posse has for everyone, Juggalo and non-Juggalo alike.

By the way, for anyone that likes Eminem, look up the real reason for the clash between him and the Wicked Clowns. You will be surprised to know he made a poster for one of his first shows in Detroit that said the Insane Clown Posse will be there, the Insane Clown Posse told him that he should have asked first them before hand.

you may bash me for what i follow and how i view the Wicked Clowns, but i have no hate for you because anyone that hates for no reason is a misguided fool, MMFWCL
ICP, Twiztid, Boondox, Anybody Killa, Axe Murder Boyz, Dark Lotus, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Esham, Jumpsteady, Zug Island. Im a juggalo and people hate me for no reason, they hate me because i follow the Wicked Clowns, that i see through to the other side of hate, they hate me for yelling WHOOP WHOOP, and showing Clown Love to all i meet, for passing messages with MMFWCL in them.
by Juggalo4Sure March 22, 2010
What you know about Juggalos are probably WRONG! Everyone says they are pussys and start shit, but if you are looking for someone like that then look up "Juggaho." honestly true juggalos are all about family&&Music. They will do anything for there family. Our friends are family. We are who we are, every juggalo is diffrent. Why do we drink mostly faygo? Its not bc ICP told us to. Its bc its strait up cheap. Yeahh most of us are from the gheto, but that doesnt make us bad ppl. Back the hell off
"Juggalo familys"
"Juggalos NEVER die!" lol
by [[(Rawrr!)]] March 13, 2010
Juggalo (noun)- (female term Juggallette)an individual, known as such because of the music he/she listens to, this music comes in the form of Psychopathic Records usually starting with the infamous Insane Clown Posse and then migrating outward to other Psychopathic Record's Artists, Juggalos tend to group together and connect in ways others can't, some of this connection has something to do with throwing Faygo Brand Soda at each other, they affectingly refer to each other as family and treat each other in the same way. Juggalos often paint their faces like Insane Clown Posse or maybe even develop their own style. A real Juggalo doesn't care what you look like, who you fuck, or even what other music you listen to, as long as your down with the clown 'till your dead in the ground they will show you love.

However there are fake Juggalos out there who have no clue what being a Juggalo is all about watch out for them, they are often referred to as Juffaloes.
Juggalo 1: Hey whats up homie!

Juggalo 2: Not much man just chillin with this Juggallette

Juggallette 2: Want a Faygo?

Juggalo 1: Sure

Juffalo: Hey whats up muthafukews, you got that Faygo up in dis bitch, I just started listening to ICP last night I have all their albums already, how about you guys.

Juggalos together: you ain't a Juggalo get the fuck out of here and comeback when you know what it means to be one.
by Phoenix1012 February 28, 2010
A JuGgAlO is a down ass mafucko- an underground family so to speak. They are looked at as menace to society- but really shouldnt be~ their ppl like u n me.. its just that juggalos have a wider horizon of thinking and expression.. when looked down on by society and u have no one to turn to- turn on some W-I-C-K-I-D shit by ICP or TWIZTID and see if that crazy ass muzik dont make u feel better? And there is so much more.. just listen and if u get it u get it, if not then stop hatin! FTFO!!!! Juggalos are the only people who can walk down the street n see someone reppin some JRB shit n walk up n say whats up without lookin weird! Cuz they got it like dat- they all show eachother madd love n help when they can! A juggalo can identify a fellow juggalo by the hatchet man chain or clothing- or a simple "WHOOP WHOOP". A real juggalo/ette hates when someone claims to be down with tha clown- just to fit in.. U aint gotta front- they accept all!!! And if u like the muzik a lil.. keep listenin- u will soon love it n become a down ass NinJa!!
Think of how bikers run n ride with eachother- if u fuck with one u fuck with all.. basically, u dont fuck with them.. so dont fuck with a juggalo!
by Juicygirl_2009 February 04, 2010
a person made by society marked with the hatchet as you will.
always ready to fight but prefers the silence of the underground. a juggalo canbe rich or poor they live all around the globe. most people become juggalo after listning to psychopathic tunes created by psychopathic records. but this is not always so, some people are juggalo not even knowing they are because of the way they think, act, feel etc.
juggalo's and juggalettes(female version) call each other family bacause of the love they got for each other that love runs so deep they would kill for each other.
the police arested you.

a friend would look you up in jail.

a juggalo would be there right next to you telling you that this is fun.
by heglitz September 12, 2009
okay first things first, I am a juggalo. i listen to psychopathic records. but dont get it fucked up, i also listen to popular mainstream rock music, and hip- hop. the definition of a juggalo isnt someone who ONLY listen to ICP and follows them with blind devotion and a slavelike mentality. we are people, human- beings who feel cast out from mainstream society. we are the product of a nation that focuses too much on money and power. we found the love and support that we needed in the Family. hell, i know juggalo's who couldn't spit an ICP song if there lives depended on it. being a juggalo is not purely about the music. yes, psychopathic records, created the term and laid down the example for us to follow, but each of us has our own way of expressing Clown Love. there are juggalo's in every branch of society, every group, club, and clique. we are everywhere, worldwide. you know why? cuz this shit is real. what other explanation is there? that millions of people around the world ALL ar idiot followers? just mindless masses that cant think for themselves. no. juggalos do think for themselves. we preach unity, not uniformity. its the uniqueness of each juggalo that gives us our strength. we are NOT A GANG. we are a subculture, a society beneath society. a fellowship of brotherly love and support that is represented so clearly in our music, if you choose to hear it. yeah, i belive in the dark carnival. it's god. not "a" god, but "the" god, the one that millions and ,millions of christians praise every sunday morning. he just manifest himself diferently to me and my homies. last thing...fuck the JH.
by Juggalo Noxious April 03, 2009
All you idiots out there that think juggalos are uneducated are full of horse crap.. I have a bachelor degree in computer networking and security and am going for CIT degree next. I'llbe making over 70k a year and what ya think of that biotchs!! stupid fags shouldnt hate the clowns for speaking truth in their musicabout today problems. You should hate your self for being morons! The clowns are preachers of truth and if you actually ever listened to their music and really paid attention then you'd realize and understand and actually maybe respect them for being so bold and not afraid to speak truth in the world made up of lies!
what a real juggalo is
by DMjuggalo May 19, 2010

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