first of all, NOT a fan. more than a fan. someone who has so much love for juggalo family they would die for any member of such. one who doesnt care what any person in the world thinks of them, and lives for themselves, not keeping others happy. someone who can feel the dark carnival inside them.
juggalo family for ever bitch!
by kalah October 12, 2005
One who is down with the clown. (A fan of ICP/anyone on Psycopatic records)
Juggalos are often judged because of the controversial music they listen to.
by emma March 16, 2005
A family of fans of ICP that stick together and have each others backs. They wear black and white clown makeup, and attend the Juggalo Gathering every year. They wear Hatchetman gear, and love to party and cause havoc.
No Juggalo example for you!
by Mzz.Milenko June 21, 2010
fans who follow ICP or psychopathic records in fact dont have sex with each other and want to live their life without dumbasses saying theyre homosexuals when in fact that person takes it up the ass also are more hardcore than the average scrub and if someone said shit to a juggalo in person instead of over the internet would get they're teeth knocked out the back of their neck
wanna be cool person: juggalos are gay homosexuals who worship middle aged men

Juggalo: what did you just say you little bitch 1 min later wanna be cool person is in the hospital
by Juggalo Bigfoot April 16, 2010
Cool Bad Asses that people misunderstand because they are ignorant douchebags. They are NOT a cult, they aren't All wiggers, there is just some bad seeds in the FAMILY. STFU Haters WOOP WOOP
Hater: I Hate ICP They Suck
Juggalo: Ignorant Douchebag Shut the fuck up before you get knocked the fuck out.
*Hater Pisses Pants*
by zachary978 December 12, 2009
Ok, for everyone who keeps on saying that a juggalo is some retarted freak person who listens to icp, shut the fuck up. we listen to all kinds of music. rock, rap, country, ballet, elevator music. all of it.
being a juggalo is like someone who isn't really accepted by the majority of the society. we are the out casts, lonely stoners if you will. we all got eachothers back, we look out for each other--love
we are leaders, not so much of other people, but, of our own lives. that don't mean we are total rebels, but just independent thinkers--leadership
the god you probably go to worship every sunday and wednesday is the same one i worship. not only me, but tens of thousands of other juggalos do. we just believe in a complex metaphor for the way god is presented. for those of you who say the dark carnival is "the god" i believe you are wrong. i think its just another way to get god come close to us and we can understand him, in a more dark kind of way, without making him or ourselves less holy, other in that of psycopathic records, which we don't all listen to.--religious
what the wraith is wrong with a loving, religious, leader.

i don't mean to offend anyone, but, if i did, then too bad.
may all find the glorious box, and work as carnies as long as possible! juggalos: fight dirty, smoke weed, drink booze, and love all!
by namebeingused June 03, 2009
A member of a family that is accepted no matter the difference or the way they live. Commonly hated by the rich because the rich know they can sit behind mommy and daddy's computer and talk shit but when coming face to face....if you can find them alone the rich will cry and beg mommy to pick them up from thier shopping spree on mommy and daddy's credit card at the mall. The most misunderstood and hated for no reason, but if thats how the world feels they can swallow my pussy cum.
Juggalos and Juggalettes are fam...fuck what the world thinks!!!
And those who think we "fail at life" need to get a life off mommy and daddy's comp & those hwho think we have no class...well drinkin mommy and daddy's liquor and spreadin your legs for anyone that crosses your path is NOT CLASS. Oh yeh and to the rich caucasian bitches stop havin sex with people of other race and screamin rape when you get caught, blacks, latinos and asians don't deserve your stupidity just cuz ou're a slut.
Me: "sup fam, ou see that prep ho on the street she sellin herself?

Juggalo: Naw she callin mommy to pick her up, besides she's got daddy's credit card and wants to keep it 'safe'.
by Klown Baby March 08, 2009

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