Let me start off by saying that I have been listening to ICP for many years, probably much longer that any other person on here. I picked up their "Beverly Kills" CD back sometime in late 1993, not having a clue as to who they are. Back then, "juggalos" didn't even really exist. I got into the whole Juggalo phase around 95, until about 99 or so, when they came out with "jeckel brothers". I bought a few t-shirts, lighters, hats, and other merchandise. I had all their CDs. I called myself a "juggalo". But then, guess what? I grew up!

Juggalos back then were different than the "juggalos" of today. Back then, we were just a bunch of people who liked ICP and got together at concerts for a good time. Now, it has transformed into this whole serious following. Kids are buying up the merchandise like candy, using the ICP lingo, and taking it completely seriously. The juggalo scene now is most closely comparable to the goth scene. They claim to be "non-conformist" and "different", yet they all dress the same, talk the same, and have lost all identity. Ask a Juggalo for a universally accepted definition of the word "juggalo". They can't give you one, just like goths. And they don't realize that psychopathic records has turned into a big money-making juggernaut. Just look at their website. T-shirts for 25-70 dollars, hockey jerseys, jackets, hats, thongs, etc. How many different "Riddlebox" designs can they come up with? They keep re-designing and pumping out the same shit. Its all about money now. The juggalos are making them into millionaires, and they are loving it!

And whats with that fucking 6th joker card? Announcing that they are a religious group? That was the lamest thing I have ever heard. And the juggalos of today, once again, blindly follow whatever ICP says. It has all just become so serious. Its just music, people! There is no need to get obsessed, and make your life revolve around psychopathic records. The honest truth is, they dont give a flying fuck about you. What they give a fuck about is one thing, and thats money. They are driven by profits. Nomatter what they tell you, no matter what they do, and nomatter what they would like to have you believe. If you don't believe me, ask yourself this: when is the last time they did anything for you for free (sampler CDs don't count)? Why do they charge such a ridiculous amount of money for merchandise? Because they know you will pay it, that's why. Why do they try to cram said merchandise down your throat? Because they know you will buy anything that says "ICP" on it, thats why.

Do I still listen to ICP? Absolutely. The Calm is a good CD. So is Hell's Pit. Do I wear ICP merchandise? Sometimes. Do I walk around, decked out in all psychopathic gear, calling people ninjas, and preach the ways of the dark carnival like a new-school juggalo faggot? NO! Get your head outta your asses.
Juggalo: Yo NINJA! Im gonna go to shangri-la and get mad neden. MCL dawg.

Me: Grow the fuck up kid.

Juggalo: U just a juggahater! U aint no juggalo! Fuck u!

Me: Oh yea? Well, in the words of your own great leader, Violent J, "I wrote the book, I was out robbin' liquor stores, where u were just a nutstain in ur mama's drawers", bitchboy!
by MacDAS October 27, 2006
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For the most part, an uneducated, pathetic excuse for a human being who listens to the group ICP who are bold enough to actually consider themselves musicians. People you see wearing "hatchet-man" accesories. They should not be allowed to reproduce, because that is too cruel to future generations. ICP isn't rap, it isn't metal, it isn't rap/metal, and it isn't horrorpop. There is only one way to properly categorize ICP; unnecessarily and unartfully offensive and obnoxious noise.
That juggalo is stupid enough to think that ICP is music.
by The Mad Cap May 27, 2007
Darwin's biggest Obstacle.
Even Darwin cant explain juggalos
by robblake April 27, 2008
A greasy, fat, teenager with a kool aid mustache and no friends who listens to songs about clowns in his step mother's double wide mobile home when he isn't hanging out at the mall food court.
Juggalos, you just got pwned!
by BBV4L 1 May 10, 2009
Confused individuals that are a product of the break down of the white middle class/lower class family, hero worship, and the emasculatory expectations of society. Usually characterized as indolent, witless, overly self-glorifying, and speak a lot of shit about anyone but are never concerned about backing it up because they won't. All these traits are an attempt for a cohesive group structure that accepts them and will tolerate their unfounded angst/effeminate banter or actions. A purely American occurance that is a scourge on par with Chavs and Wiggers.
The Juggalo proceeded to talk shit about my mohawk so I punched him. As usual the Juggalo bitched out, stopped his mockery, and sat down while grumbling about socio-economic inequalities that he didn't comprehend because I am in the same class as he.
by P. Kaltenbach March 17, 2008
a real bunch of fags and posers who listin to shitty insane clown pussies, they are a bunch of illiterate homos who live in the suburbs and drop out of school because they think it's cool. they drink that awful faygo shit.

they claim they don't care what people think about them however if you diss them or insane clown pussies they get pussy hurt.

another thing about juggalos is that they are all a bunch of pussies who can't fight.they only way they can fight is if they have thier butt buddies to back them other than that they can't fight as individuals.

some juggalos are even known to be snitches as well some even call the cops after they get thier ass beat

they also potray themselves as some fag cult saying everyone who listins to thier shitty music is somehow thier family.

also thier fanbase is made up of emos,wiccans,goths and wiggers. and somehow they consider themselves hiphop?

insane clown pussies is not even classified is hiphop or rap and are listed as one of the worst music groups of all time.

overall juggalos are a retarded pussy cult like fanbse made up of complete retarded suburb homothugs and suicidal emo fags who hate life.

juggalos get no respect from real Gs from real hoods that put in real work and no respect from normal society.
waz up my ninja were is da juggalo family?ma juggalos n i cant speel case i neva graduatid frum skool. hold on my ninja my mommy is callin me
by bozothedumbclown October 31, 2009
On February 1, 2006, Insane Clown Posse fan Jacob Robida engaged in a series of hatchet attacks and a shooting spree which left three dead, including himself and a police officer.1213 On February 7, Insane Clown Posse's manager Alex Abbiss extended Bruce and Utsler's condolences and prayers to the families of the victims and distanced Robida from Juggalo culture.11
Between June 18 and June 20, 2006, attacks involving Insane Clown Posse fans, some wearing clown makeup, were reported by the Seattle Times.14 The attacks left nearly two dozen injured. The group, armed with a machete, attacked, robbed, and threatened to decapitate visitors to Fort Steilacoom Park in Tacoma, Washington, shouting "Whoop! Whoop! Juggalo!" Seven suspects have been arrested, and three have been charged with assault and robbery.15
In February 2007, Colorado teenager Bryan Grove, who identified himself as a Juggalo, stabbed his girlfriend's mother to death and was arrested. His girlfriend Tess Damm, also a juggalette, and two of their friends have also been arrested in connection with the murder.16
In May 2008, arson was committed on a Spanaway, Washington house. During an investigation, the police discovered vandals had broken into the back entrance of the house, walls were kicked in and had Juggalo-related graffiti. The house had just been sold the previous weekend to a family whose husband was being redeployed to Iraq.17
On July 30, 2008 in Salt Lake City, two men attacked a teenager with a medieval battle ax. Deputies identified jewelry dropped by the attackers as being associated with Juggalos.18 During a recent Utah Gang Conference, law enforcers said they now classified Juggalos as a gang because of a continued pattern of criminal activity.18
On September 4, 2008 in West Jordan, Utah, a group of men indentifying themselves as Juggalos threatened to kill two deputies with bats and golf clubs in a church parking lot, proclaiming, "No one fucks with the Juggalos".19
On September 9, 2008 in West Valley City, Utah, two men with clown painted faces were arrested in an attempted kidnapping of a young boy. Police estimate there are between 3,000 and 4,000 Juggalos in Utah, 15 percent of them are associated with criminal activity.20
On February 4, 2009 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, two male youths, Ian Seagraves and Shawn Freemore, who identified themselves as Juggalos on their MySpace pages, stabbed 21 year old Michael Goucher 45 times, killing him in a premeditated attack and burying his body under snow in the Pocono woods.21
Guy 1: wow from reading that. juggalos are fucking fags

Guy 2: haha agreed stupid posers
by taishwan March 20, 2009
An overlydependent fuckhead that worships a band that tells them to fuck farm animals.
Holy shit look at that nasty ass Juggalo.
by Sarahsyn=) June 29, 2009
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