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1. A self applied label used by a large group of people with similar interests...used to describe their individuality, while fanboying over Insane Clown Posse. (Yes. It is about ICP because ICP invented the term and ICP fans are the only ones who fucking use it.) You think Rammstein fans call themselves the "The Kiss Army"?

2. Claim to "not give a fuck what anyone thinks" but are most often seem online telling "haters" to "shut the fuck up and die".

3. Find the imagery of hatchet murders, rape, cannibalism, misogyny and necrophilia to be acceptable and enjoyable but, racism is a no-no.

4. More often than not, prejudge just as many people, if not more, than those they hate.

5. Claim that "haters" have only heard one or two songs. However, having listened to their first four albums in their entirety repeatedly, I can safely say that one song is pretty much indicative of the rest.

6. Consist of a 9-1 ratio of angry, violent, desperate for attention kids suckered by a lowest common denominator gimmick to adults with immature and violent taste who also buy into said gimmick. All believe that the title they give themselves (and subsequent ICP love)is enough to consider a complete stranger "family".

7. Ignorant to the blatant hypocrisy of using a popular label to claim individuality.

8. Think that insanity is even remotely cool, while displaying an absolute lack of actual knowledge on the horror of mental illness that shows just how immature and ignorant they are.

9. There's at least one known murderer among them and many still praise him for attacking gays with a hatchet and killing a cop and his own girlfriend before being gunned down.
I'm a juggalo/juggalette and juggalos is a family and we just don't give a fuck what you say....I mean we care enough to yell... and we care enough to threaten...and make up imaginary hatchet attacks, we even care to spam every website that even implies ICP is talentless, but other than those things.....we don't give a fuck!
by FlowersInMidgar October 26, 2006
Alright look im a juggalo and im tired of all this bullshit that keeps gettin thrown out of wack. No we dont give a shit and no we are not all about violience. we are outcasts and life does have its moments of fuckin us over. But what makes us juggalos/lettes is not the music, the clothes, the language, its the sheer fact of havin the god damn balls to stand up for what you believe and take control of your life. to not let some bigit fuck tear you down. or the next adolf hitler fuck you in the ass with his smooth talk.

Behind all the music are messages that people dont hear only because they concentrate on the negative words and such.which is why you get people who seem hatefull all the time who call themselves juggalos its because of what we have gone through and how we take care of our shit. we are fam because we can accept a man/woman for who they are not by what qaulity of clothes they wear.

The shit all you haters say is shit that some higher class richie bitch said to make sure we stay under them. well i have news for all you fuckin cock suckers who say your better than us by the clothes you wear the house you live in and so on.......fuck you because we have become better than you because we understand life and not the life of the money hungry fucks like you. we know what its all about through the messages of the clowns, twiztid, blaze,boondox,ect,,,,
we have overcome the barriers and hell of bein garbage for now we accept it and laugh. its a waste of your time but we dont care because we have all the time in the world to make a richie bitch look like a dumb fuck.

one more quick not: we dont act black or any other race but what we are. most of you talk about labels well there ya go sayin that rap and being a gangster or talking negative is being black. how stupid are you really??

MMFWCL to the fam
Juggalo/juggalettes will allways be here get use to it!!!!!!!!
by Michael Meadows June 17, 2007
anyone down wit tha wicked clowns. los/lettes don't give a flying fuck about those rich little fags. and we are not wiggers. how can we be wiggers if we don't act or dress "black"? 'los n 'lettes rawk.
anyone who is a juggalo/juggalette kicks ass. end of story.
by [::nOEllE::] March 22, 2006
All you guys dissin on Juggalos must have never seen a real one. Juggalos can like whatever music they want, and we dont just listen to Psychopathic. Theres alot of Juggalos that like Eminem too. So fuck off all you motherfuckers that talk shit anout us but know nothing about our lifestyle.
See you all in Shangri-La
by Royal Fresh May 02, 2005
what a buncha retards on here, why are you even looking up juggalos and juggalettes if youre just gonna hate, get a life all of you and quit worrying about ours!

My definition of a juggalo/juggalette...simple, reguardless of what all of you think, its about love, a bond that we all have that NOONE can ever fuck with or even begin to comprehend. You're right, we dont give a fuck, because why would we care about the opinions of people who can't possibly fathom the love and family values we have.
Faith, we are taught that in our music, its made for us to understand, not you, you listen to the bad because thats what you want to hear. Fights at shows, soooo...there are fights at all kids of shows not just ours, every family has its problems, life is full of confrontation, don't act like you are better than us.
I dont hate on people who arent down, i only hate when hated upon first. We are not all fat, but who gives a shit if we were, we love ourselves the way we are, we accept others the way they are, and love them for it.
We are not all poor, but again who cares, we embrace the simple things, and reguardless, faygo just tastes fucking good! If you dont like our music dont listen, if you dont like our lifestyle, dont pay attention and if you dont like us, leave us alone, individuality is not a crime. Love is not a crime. Family values are not a crime. But closed mindedness should be. I am not an uneducated fat piece of shit, i am a sister, a mother, a friend, that belongs to the biggest and best family in the world. and i always will.

Violent J:
"And they wanted to know if I would trade 10 juggalos for a 100 main stream fans And I said I wouldn't trade 10 juggalos for a 100,000 mainstream fans 10 juggalos is priceless"
Uh huh, we unreal
Just like a seven dollar bill
Voice my opinion regardless on how you feel
Freek shit
It ain't about being rich
It's about juggalos and runnin' with lunatics
As long as y'all rock this we won't quit
We do it all for y'all, I mean that shit
Everyone of y'all means everything to me
We breathe for y'all, that's why we call it the family
Now we have been told this carnival shit has touched many lives.
People have fuckin` sworn to us they too can feel it inside.
What is it that draws you in, this magic that compels you?
We`ve been waiting six fuckin` joker cards to finally tell you.
This messengers and hints were there, all though most never picked up on them.
We snuck em` in subliminally with that wicked shit around them.
We mentioned more and more of this on every Joker's Card.
The bottom line always the same, you ain't have to look hard.
We wickedly kick it, inflict it, you get it, get with it and dig we don't preach it flat out, cause some ninjas don`t wanna get with ya, they quick to forget ya without the hatchet and gat out.
So we rose the hatchet, do or die, now Juggalos standing tall, after all 6 have risen the end of time will consume us all. It ain't got nothing to do with us, It ain't Psychopathic Records!
All we`re doing is pointing this shit out to you, we in this together! Who`s behind the Dark Carnival, the Gatherings and the hatchet? Who`s beind Dark Lotus, the circus and everybody at it?
Who inveted Juggalos and Juggalette and fucking Faygo showers? What about that feeling you get when bumping our shit, who`s behind these Juggalo powers?
This ain`t no fucking fan club, It ain't about making a buck. Don`t buy our fucking action figures bitch, i don't give a fuck. It ain't About Violent J or Shaggy, the Butterfly or seventeen.
When we speak of Shangri-La, what you think we mean? Truth is we follow GOD, we`ve always been behind him, The Carnival is God and may all Juggalos find him!
basically a juggalo/juggalette is someone who dont give a fuck. all they care about is the wicked shit, kickin back, and doin shit their way.
that muthafacko is a juggalo! he is down wit da clown till he is dead in the ground.
by emily April 12, 2005
totally down with the clown, but not just icp twiztid, blase, abk, kmk, boondox. they love it all! it speaks to their souls they are all in the family. and would kill for each other. they dont just listen to the music they love it and live to it. they hang with other juggalos and juggalettes. and they will stick up for their family!!!!

"mass murder makes me happy dead bodies make me hapy untill eternity ill always have juggalo family!!!!"
juggalo/juggalette s are often misunderstood. i am a juggalette i love all the music i truely speaks to me! i am not a fat slob thief or druggy for the most part. the ppl i hang with mostly are juggalos and they are the greatest people i knon!! i dont date a juggalo but his friends are. were i live we are all mostly a big family and we too get called to the office and arrested for taking up for our family!! and to all the juggalos/juggalettes I LOVE YALL!!!

by that hailey girl December 07, 2006
Juggalo/Lette Is A Hard Term To Define. Becuz We Are Anything And Everything We Want To Be. We Are Individuals Who Express Ourselves How We Want To When We Want To. And We Generally Share Some Of The Same Likes And Dislikes.

Juggaloism Is About Family. If A Lette Goes To A Lo And Asks For Help You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Lo Will Help. We Stick To Our Family. And Fuck All The Rest.

And Its A Religion. A Way Of Life. A Way Of Thinking. A Way Of Just Holding Yourself Whenever Shit HAppens To You. I'm Not Saying We Dont Get Depressed. I'm SAying No Matter What We Are Dealing With Its Not As Bad Knowing That You Have Family There To Help You.

Juggalos/Lettes Can Be Any Stereotype (i.g. Goth, Punk, Skater, Emo, Gangster, MetalHead, Jock, Prep, Slut, Etc).
We Can Be Any Age (i.g From 1-1000 For all I Care)
We Can Listen To Whatever We Want To (From Christian Gospel To Satanic Ritualistic Chants)
Man We Are Whatever We Are Into. And You Can Only Understnad What I TRUELY Mean If You Are One Of The Family.
(to the juggalo helping the juggalette)

Juggalette: *runs Crying To The Lo*
Juggalo: Whats Wrong Ninjette?
Juggalette: *Tells Him Her Story*
Juggalo: Well What Do You Want Me To Do I'm Always Here To Help
Juggalette: Just Help Get Through This
Juggalo: Not A Problem Why Dont You Come Over And Sit And Calm Down?
Juggalette: Alright, Thanx

(yea may not be the best example but its a personal so I put it. Thats about it for the Juggalo/Juggalette as far as I can tell. Peace)

by Wafflez November 01, 2006
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