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1. A self applied label used by a large group of people with similar interests...used to describe their individuality, while fanboying over Insane Clown Posse. (Yes. It is about ICP because ICP invented the term and ICP fans are the only ones who fucking use it.) You think Rammstein fans call themselves the "The Kiss Army"?

2. Claim to "not give a fuck what anyone thinks" but are most often seem online telling "haters" to "shut the fuck up and die".

3. Find the imagery of hatchet murders, rape, cannibalism, misogyny and necrophilia to be acceptable and enjoyable but, racism is a no-no.

4. More often than not, prejudge just as many people, if not more, than those they hate.

5. Claim that "haters" have only heard one or two songs. However, having listened to their first four albums in their entirety repeatedly, I can safely say that one song is pretty much indicative of the rest.

6. Consist of a 9-1 ratio of angry, violent, desperate for attention kids suckered by a lowest common denominator gimmick to adults with immature and violent taste who also buy into said gimmick. All believe that the title they give themselves (and subsequent ICP love)is enough to consider a complete stranger "family".

7. Ignorant to the blatant hypocrisy of using a popular label to claim individuality.

8. Think that insanity is even remotely cool, while displaying an absolute lack of actual knowledge on the horror of mental illness that shows just how immature and ignorant they are.

9. There's at least one known murderer among them and many still praise him for attacking gays with a hatchet and killing a cop and his own girlfriend before being gunned down.
I'm a juggalo/juggalette and juggalos is a family and we just don't give a fuck what you say....I mean we care enough to yell... and we care enough to threaten...and make up imaginary hatchet attacks, we even care to spam every website that even implies ICP is talentless, but other than those things.....we don't give a fuck!
by FlowersInMidgar October 26, 2006
I dont think any of oyu know what i fuckign Juggalo/Juggalette really is.....this shit's not about being down with the clown or with psychopathic records....shit you dont even have to like any of psychopathic records although most do......this shit's about loyalty and honesty to your brother/sister juggalo.....this shit's about following god Listen to the Wraith: Shangra-la....all this shit's about getting through the trials of life staying true to aint about breaking rules or fucking faygo, it aint got nothing to do with hatin' eminem.....if you listen to the shit you'd all oyu muthafuckers that are "down wit the clown" listen to it all again and learn what a fucking juggalo/lette really is and i dont care what any one says you cant be Satanic and a Juggalo/ juggalette

JUGGALO/JUGGALETTE- Loyal and honest, always have their fellow juggalo's/lette's back...... do follow god....and they do all they can to honestly and and loyally get through lifes trials and tribulations and help their brother/sister lo/lette get through lifes shit

Juggalos/lettes- may like hatchets, faygo, the butterfly, Twiztid, ABK, ICP, Tech Nine....but being a fan has nothing to do with making you a juggalo
Now i'm a true fucking Juggalette


Fuck wit me or my any one
my juggalos/juggalettes
My hatchet will be a swingin'
by lil juggalette sam August 13, 2006
Individuals that make decisions for themselves, based on thier own code of ethics, different from the mainstream , more restrictive and held to higher standards withen their own. They are loyal to their "families", whether family by blood or family by heart. They are not judgemental among themselves, lending great support to each other ini time of need, thru music and soulfull writings. They are Doctors, College students, office workers, constructions workers, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to each and to all. They do walk to the beat of a different drummer, to music that only their hearts can hear and recognize. They Love, they cry, they bleed.
As with many traditional societies, Juggalo/Juggalettes have adopted some common bonds that help to identify and set them apart.. thier custom of living on the cheap, drinking faygo, obscuring their faces and masking thier common identity to place themselves on equal footing with those around them... I am not a Juggalo, as I allow myself to be conformed and restricted by society and how i perceive others to judge me in my walk of live..

I respect these individuals for their strentgh and bond that allows them to say Fuck You to the worlds restrictive pigeon holing rules, and to follow their dreams.
To truely understand what one is, you have to be one. The way I see, there isn't an explaination/definition for what we are. All in all, is all we are.
1. We aren't ALL poor and scrubby. A juggalo/juggalette can and may as well be anyone walking down the street.
2. We are like one big family. How would you like it if I started talking crap about your family? (and you ask stupid questions like, "well if you don't care, why do you get angry at hater posts?") You'd be upset too.
3. We don't judge. We're not in your way. We live life the same way you do. We may not all have certain special luxeries as you do. But we get by, because we don't care. We don't need to take advantage of anything. We cherish everything we DO get, and live with it.
4. If you really want to understand. I strongly suggest you read the book, *Behind The Paint* written by Violent J (of ICP). I guarentee, even a hater would understand and show some love.
*i live for.. the carnival, i die for.. the carnival*
by jessie_the_juggalette September 25, 2006
A Juggalo is a listener of psychopathic records, an individual person who just dont give a fuck about what haters think and when they walk down the street and see people who look like they got something to say, they dont say shit instead they run home and get on this site and talk about how gay juggalos are and that we know nothing of the streets...why?... because they were afraid to speak thier mind, throw down and get fucked up for what they believe in.
juggalo:*walking down sidewalk*

stupid kid:*passes juggalo without saying shit, even though he has something to say*

stupid kid:*runs home and get on and starts bashing juggalos because he didnt have the balls to say shit on the street*
by ²ÐoPe August 24, 2005
A Juggalo/lette is someone who beleives in what ICP and the psychopathic team preach. They beleive in the dark carnival, the 6 jokers cards, livin life without bitching, and God. It isn't just being a fan. It's a way of life. They drink faygo cause it's cheap (99 cents for 2 liters!) and they paint their faces as an expression. Other most common names for juggalos/lettes are ninja/ninjette, and serial killa.
Juggalos will never die.
by Drella June 01, 2005
juggalo- male juggalette-female person who doesn't give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks, drinks faygo, kicks back and rocks to the wicked shit and is down with the klown.
That girl is a juggalette
by HatchetMaster April 22, 2005
Alright, I just want to clear a few things up a little bit for you ignorant haters.

Check your facts, icp is not racist, satanic, or rednecks. If you actually pay attention to what they say, you would know that they are not, and all that, is actually stuff they hate.

Not all juggalos drink, smoke, are overweight, or are any other of the ignorant stereotypes we have to put up with, And we definitely don't try to be black, or any race other than what we are, and we aren't posers, Juggalos have accepted and take pride in who we are. We don't always bitch about bein screwed over by life, when we get screwed over, we just accept it and make the best of it. We don't worship icp, or the rest of the psychopathic artists as some of you assholes claim. We don't gang up on people in fights, and we are not just mere fans, we are a family bound together by the music we listen to, and our similarity in likes and dislikes, it's hard to explain really. We can listen to ANY music we want to, being a Juggalo is not about the music, it's about the way of life.

Now, everyone has their own reasons for hatin us, as so rightfully stated by Madrox in the song Different, but, for those of you that hate us because we listen to icp, reflect on that statement for a moment, and you'll realize how stupid it is to hate someone because of the music they listen to.

I have one last thing to say:
MCL, juggalo fam.
The haters obviously know nothing of our lifestyle, yet they talk like they know all about it.
by down4life June 30, 2005
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