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1. A self applied label used by a large group of people with similar interests...used to describe their individuality, while fanboying over Insane Clown Posse. (Yes. It is about ICP because ICP invented the term and ICP fans are the only ones who fucking use it.) You think Rammstein fans call themselves the "The Kiss Army"?

2. Claim to "not give a fuck what anyone thinks" but are most often seem online telling "haters" to "shut the fuck up and die".

3. Find the imagery of hatchet murders, rape, cannibalism, misogyny and necrophilia to be acceptable and enjoyable but, racism is a no-no.

4. More often than not, prejudge just as many people, if not more, than those they hate.

5. Claim that "haters" have only heard one or two songs. However, having listened to their first four albums in their entirety repeatedly, I can safely say that one song is pretty much indicative of the rest.

6. Consist of a 9-1 ratio of angry, violent, desperate for attention kids suckered by a lowest common denominator gimmick to adults with immature and violent taste who also buy into said gimmick. All believe that the title they give themselves (and subsequent ICP love)is enough to consider a complete stranger "family".

7. Ignorant to the blatant hypocrisy of using a popular label to claim individuality.

8. Think that insanity is even remotely cool, while displaying an absolute lack of actual knowledge on the horror of mental illness that shows just how immature and ignorant they are.

9. There's at least one known murderer among them and many still praise him for attacking gays with a hatchet and killing a cop and his own girlfriend before being gunned down.
I'm a juggalo/juggalette and juggalos is a family and we just don't give a fuck what you say....I mean we care enough to yell... and we care enough to threaten...and make up imaginary hatchet attacks, we even care to spam every website that even implies ICP is talentless, but other than those things.....we don't give a fuck!
by FlowersInMidgar October 26, 2006

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(note: in this definition, when I refer to "all", I don't literally mean "each and every one". Don't be fucking stupid)

1. Extremely loyal followers of the Insane Clown Posse, and psychopathic records artists in general, almost to the point of worship.

2. Claim to be different, unique, and non-conformist, yet they dress exactly the same, talk exactly the same (ICP slang that nobody else in the world uses, yet they use it when speaking to everyone), and act mostly the same. Non-conformist? No.

3. Claim to be "hated", "outcasts", and things of that nature. Every time they have a gathering, they leave garbage everywhere, trash the place, and assault people 10 on 1. And then, they wonder why people hate them. Otherwise, in reality, nobody really gives enough of a shit to hate them, but they are calling more and more negative attention to themselves.

4. Shooting-sprees, hatchet murder, killing, mass murder, necrophilia are all acceptable by juggalo standards, but don't you dare be racist or a bigot!

5. Claim that "you don't have to like ICP, or even psychopathic records to be a juggalo". This statement, in and of itself, is absolutely moronic. Since ICP coined the term "juggalo" to refer to their fans, I doubt that die-hard Shania Twain fans are going to be calling themselves juggalos anytime soon.

6. Claim to "not give a fuck", but get extremely offended at anyone who thinks that ICP is bad, and anyone who dares to challenge their juggalo ways.

7. Claim that "haters" don't know what they are talking about, and that they "don't understand". I have been listening to ICP since 1993, longer than most of these "juggalos", and I would never refer to myself as one of them.

8. Blindly buy into the money-making juggernaut that is Psychopathic records, who sell overpriced t-shirts, hats, lighters, underwear, balloons, and just about anything else that says ICP on it, while J and 2 Dope sit back, laugh, and become millionaires.

9. Refer to other juggalos, complete strangers, mind you, as "family". If liking the same kind of music as others makes you family, well shit, I must have a lot of goddamn family!

Juggalo/Juggalette: Yo yo yo MCL MCL ninja we be headin to shangri-la cuz im down wit da clown lets get some neden, bitchboy! oh yea MMFWCL wicked clowns!

Normal person: What the fuck are you talking about?? Speak in a language that everyone understands.

Juggalo/Juggalette: But but, I thoughtz all ninjas used ICP slang!

Normal person: Get your head outta your ass. Immediately!
by MacDAS October 28, 2006

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The male and female names for individuals suffering from a severe genetic disorder usually brought about by inbreeding and/or having extra chromosomes.

Juggalo/Juggalettes are easily identifiable by the following symptoms:

-clown make-up
-pale complexion (even without make-up)
-a affection towards piss poor rapping by clowns
-heavy Faygo consumption
-below average height
-primate-like stature, usually caused by injuries sustained during backyard-'rasslin bouts
-oversized, heavily-stained jerseys
-poor communication/English skills
-apathy ("not giving a fuck" as they say)
-incoherent, angry ranting directed at "feminem"
-bouts of drooling and dribbling lips with finger
If you encounter a Juggalo/Juggalette, it is best to remain calm. Do not try to make conversation, as this may damage your IQ. Avoid eye-contact if possible, as it is impolite to stare. Remember that Juggalos/Juggalettes are human beings (as hard as it may be to believe) and can still be valueable members of society and are worthy of our respect.

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Slightly resembling humanoid type figures with severe emotional issues that don't want to be recognized. Which is the real Juggalo/Juggalette?
Alright Juggalos & etts, If I understand this correctly, as a group, You're not violent, you're full of love, you just like what you like and you don't care what anyone else says, these things are what makes you part of the Dark Carnival, Down With The Clown, A Ninja, a Juggalo/juggalette... is that right?

If you're not violent why are there always fights and threats of violence at Psycopathic shows, mostly among Juggalos.

If you're full of such love, how is it that you appear full of hate and anger for any authority figure or anyone that is'nt Down With The Clown (or anyone that tells you to stop drinking).

And finally, if you don't care what anyone else thinks or says, why do negative comments piss you off so much?
by Bob the Jugga-Sheep August 17, 2006

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People who smell weird and are inevitably fat, ugly/deformed, acne-ridden, or all of the above, and enjoy listening to recordings of two fat, ridiculous, middle-aged men donning clown makeup grunting about murder, having sex with children, and insects crawling on their genitalia.
Thankfully, most die relatively young of meth overdose, suicide, syphilis, or by drowning in a puddle of their own drool. Unfortunately, far too many perpetually keep the "d-bag" gene in the pool by reproducing and creating bigger fuck-tards than they could ever dream of being themselves.
"The illiterate juggalo/juggalette that looks like Ron Jeremy in drag is fellating the grease-pile-excuse for a teenage boy half her size in exchange for a cigarette"

"Jimmy, the juggalo who dropped out of community college after a week, likes to wear clown makeup, sell meth, and commit statutory rape when he's not masturbating over Victoria's Secret catalogs in his mother's basement"
by RabbleWabble September 01, 2007

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A juggalo/juggalette is a person who listens to ICP or any of that other psycho music. They might be a nice person but that crap clogs their brain and causes them to act like brainless blobs of faygo and faggotry(not a word but niether is juggalo/juggalette). From my experinces with people professing to be Juggalos/Juggalets, the are generaly irrational and obnoxis. Tending to hit things and scream "I don't give a Fu<k" And also the fact that they think ICP is actually telling of the real world and of things to come is completely obsurd. How can someone rapping,(if you can call it that) would rap about such things as they do and try to say that they are trying to save people and relate it to God. He has a special section of hell mapped out just for them, a buring pool of faygo and facepaint.
A Juggalo/Juggalette once tryed to diss Eminem and the onlything he could do was copy Marshalls lyrics and make it all to easy for Slim Anus to diss them right back, cause he doesnt get fucked in his like you two faggots do.

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Juggalo/Juggalette - A follower of the semi-famous label psychopathic records, can be found anywhere a job is involved. While calling themselves rebels it can be described as more of a fad, as everyone who claims this title, wears the same attire, drinks faygo, and speaks in a manner fitting that of a 12 year old boy with down syndrome.
I general confrontation will follow in this manner.
Person - "Hi"
Juggalo - "ICP is da sit myz ninja MCL muthafacko"
Person - "Ummmm, yeah"
Juggalo - "Eyes is gunna kill joo bytch, i wave maz hatchets"
Person - "Am i sitting at the remedial learning table?"
Juggalo - "Mayn, Joo is so luckiez that my posse is holding me back ninja joo wudve deyed... next tyme juggaho"
Juggalo's "Posse" - "Hey honey hurry up, were gonna miss the season premier of american idol"
*Juggalo runs to mom crying that he got picked on*
The juggalo attire can be described as follows.
-Black shoes of any sort. Mostly combat boots even if they are wearing shorts.
-Pants that have needless straps, chains, or some other loose material hanging off of them / Or really long shorts of the same manner. Primarily bought at your local hot topic or other "rebellious" clothing store.
-Any T-shirt / Jersey / Wife Beater big enough to cover the massive gut they get from lack of physical activity, just as long as it sports the oh so coveted "hatchetman"
-Random spike jewelry or other retarded lookin shit hanging off their body.
-A Dandruff covered beanie derived from lack of showers and piss poor hygeine.
-A psychopathic chain bought from the local fake jewelry kiosk for 12 bucks.
-Not bathing for several weeks,
-Talking about faygo when its actually kinda pricey to import so much for being poor eh.
-Masterbating with their own tears as lubricant after realizing that they have yet to have any contact with the opposite sex whatsoever.
-Hanging out at school making fun of emo kids without realizing they are one step below emo kids.
Clique Evolution-
Everyone Else
Gamer Geeks
Computer Nerds
Emo Kids
Excessivly Gay Individuals
by #1 "Hater" September 17, 2007

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