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A cock. Because Juggalos eat cock every day.
Juggalo: "I'm hungry and I don't have a job"
Fag: "Here, snack on this juggalo dinner." (unzips trousers)
Juggalo: (gets on knees) "Thanks bro!" (commences sucking)
by Poopmaster666 February 12, 2014
Either a cock, or a turd.
Juggalo: Bro I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat. I checked all the toilets in the Denny's bathroom and there are no turds even!
Fag: Well I've got your juggalo dinner right here... (unzips)
Juggalo: Thanks bro! (gets on knees)
by Poopmaster69 February 12, 2014
A meal purchased from a gas station convenience store. Examples of typical convenience store foods include Slim Jims, chips, string cheese, Chef Boyardee ravioli, beef jerky, candy, generic canned food, and individually wrapped pastries. Usually a last resort when one is homeless, on a road trip, doesn't have enough money for a real meal, or is hungry in the middle of the night and there are no restaurants open within a reasonable distance.
Person #1: I'm hungry but I don't have enough money for food or gas, and nothing is open.
Person #2: Walk to the Shell station and have a juggalo dinner. It's 24 hours.
by fubsy wubsy September 30, 2013