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When one juggalo fag bounces up and down on another gay juggalo's cock.
Juggalo 1: Hey homie, MMFCL! My parents aren't home. Wanna come over and do the juggalo bounce while we listen to the Great Milenko?

Juggalo 2: Sure killa! Can I go down on the clown first?
by JH 4 Life January 18, 2010
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when someone hurts a member of the juggalo family (verbal or physical) u get juggalos/juggalettes and fight or jump the person who hurt the family
kid : yo fuck icp and all of psycopathic records
juggalo/jugalette:u better watch u back cus im gonna get some juggalos and juggalo bounce you
by boomDAninja October 05, 2009

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