1) Used in lieu of a word you can't remember, but whose meaning can be understood in context. Typically replaces a noun, but can be a verb or adjective if necessary.

2) Appended to a sentence to signify uncertainty, often in a shaky or questioning tone.
It's pouting out here! I wish I'd thought to grab my juber when I left home this morning.

That sounds like a good plan...juber.
by dorthu June 11, 2008
Top Definition
in laymans terms, a sexy bitch
someone or something much sought after
that juber got me wantin more. damn she fine
by sydney ann November 15, 2003
A cross between the name Julie and the word goober....so, if you know a girl named Julie who is a goober...you know a Jubers
Dang, Julie...you're such a goober, I'm gonna start calling you Jubers.
by Jubalee March 14, 2009
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