Refers to someone who is foolish, clumsy, dumb. Also can be used as an expression of frustration when someone does or says something stupid or idiotic. Can also be shortened to "jub".

Originates from England, and is related to the expressions "lovely jubbly" and "jubjub".

Of the three, only "lovely jubbly" is a positive expression. Jubbly and jubjub both refer to someone being stupid, annoying, blond, clumsy, or dumb.
"You are such a jubbly. Why do you always forget your wallet when we're out?"

"Don't invite her, she's such a jub".

"Haha! Did you really just walk into that sign you jubbly?"

"ARGH! You are SUCH a jubbly!"
by Dalaga April 10, 2010
Top Definition
the most amazing, plump, round, juicy tits you can imagine and always look like they are going to pop out of any shirt.
Look at those machine gun jubblies. I just busted three nuts.
by J-dubbles April 22, 2004
lovely bouncy breasts
look at the jubblies on her
by jim brown August 05, 2003
The most epic, refreshing, thrist-quenching ice-lolly known to man. Wrapped in cardboard and frozen to create an icy prism of joy and wonder, the jubbly is unparalleled.
Person 1: I'm dying of thirst!
Person 2: Quick! Someone get a jubbly!
by CattyCattyChinChin March 06, 2010
subtle code-word for very nice breasts
hey man, look at those...JUBBLIES!
by C-man July 03, 2002
Boob/breasts/knockers/titties/ etc etc
Herman: Did you screw Mable the other night?

RTJ: Nah, but I had a toot on her Jubblies innem.
by rtjloco December 26, 2003
Large torpedo shaped breasts that jiggle a lot.
-see Taki in soul caliber 2
by Dingo September 08, 2003
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