A Jardine's Parrot by the name of Jub Jub who does vocals for a death metal band from Pittsburgh called JonBenet Ramsey. Jub Jub is from South Africa.
Did you hear the new JonBenet Ramsey song with Jub Jub chirping on it?
by D.J. February 25, 2004
The popular third world game whereby a stick is used to push a tyre or hoop around the shanty town or dump. Variations include head to head jub jub, where players race at breakneck speed around the mud hut or red cross aid wagon. The sport came under the media spotlight in 1989 when the first ever "no holds barred" contest ended in disaster for players Winston and Easter Djemba Djemba, Brother and sister tag team from Brixton, collided at more than 200km/h in the well known "chicken" situation. Another common variation is where jub jub is played on a minefield, although this practice is neither condoned or endorsed by the Jub jub international sports society (JISS). Jub jub was played by Jesus of Nazareth in around 12AD. It is not good practice for players to be buggered stupid by members of the Pagans or Goths, or indeed any other confused anarchic perverted wierdheads.
"Hey, come play jub jub, Mandela."
by King Phallus February 16, 2004
a child who has been shaving for 10 years and he is only 9 so therefore he was shaving in his mothers whom
hey he is hairy. he is a jub jubs
by ------ November 11, 2003
a feeling of strong attraction for no particular reason other than boredom or the enjoyment of sex.
His sister isn't hot. I dont want her, but i do jub jub her.
by PandaSandTheAsian November 10, 2007
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