Phrase for describing a socially inept individual who has quirky speech patterns and obsessive thought processes, while remaining bland and uninteresting.
He had what appeared to be lobotomy scars, a burrito-stained t-shirt that had a pickup line in Klingon. All I heard when he spoke was "Well, _basically_ *I* think that Data in Star Trek was jub-jub jub-jub..."
by Anonicker September 24, 2009
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Phonetic form of "kiss kiss" in Thai.
It's time for me to go now. Take care. Jub jub!
by The Maz March 28, 2009
Conan O'brien's meaningless punchline
"Bottom of the ninth, two outs, heres the pitch. Long drive, way back, way back; IT'S A JUB JUB!
by mcv3igh October 30, 2007
Selma Bouvier's (Marge Simpson's sister) pet iguana. The one constant companion in a life that has men who come and go.
When Selma walked away from Troy McClure, jub jub was right there with her. Personally, I think she has sex with that thing. They seem so "close".
by can I get a "piece" on earth? January 06, 2005
n., v., 1. Anything Jubalicious.

2. Anything thing that is exceptionally cute, adorable, funny, lazy, tiny or fat.
3. To act in any of the above ways.
"Sweetheart.... I love you Jub-Jub." "Aw look at that fat Jub-Jub." "Can you get me some candy Jub-Jubs?" "Check out the cat! She's just Jubbin'"
by jub.jub October 10, 2009
A funny word that Conan O'Brien has been trying to get into primetime shows for years in order to make him feel like he has "had some presence in television".
"It's going, it's going, it's gone - it's a JubJub!"

"... JubJub...."
by modenadude October 31, 2007
A person who walks close to you and sucks down your good air with there nonsense or just a complete moron.
Jorge: Dude, I was working today and this girl was trying to talk to me!

Jeremy: Oh my God dude, I CAN'T believe she was being such a Jub Jub to you. The nerve of people now a days.

Steve: Why is Kieth pouring milk down grandma's stoma?

Holly: Because his brain has been completely jub jubbed to the point of no return.
by Dig'Em Sixstringslave November 08, 2009
Someone who eats Rabbits back hairs, licks a Rhinos pancreas, treasures penguins toenail clippings and talks in bulgarian. It can however also refer to a leg which has been tickeled by an autralien ladybird most importantly known as hubba bubba, This is known as hubba bubba due to the world being round .
1: Yo dude why is that guy eatin rabbit hair
2: dont worry man, Hes just a jubjub!
1:Errrr you legs a jubjub
2: Whatta ya mean ?
1: look theres a lady bird on it!
2: but i like cheese !
by madame Karachi April 02, 2009

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