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Øi°Ç (Ju Pa)

1) Ju Pa is a delicacy widely known to the Chinese population. With varieties including Ju Pa Rice, Ju Pa Bun, and being an excellent addition to any meal, the Ju Pa has rapidly established its name in the world of culinary arts. Often found in Hong Kong style restaurants, the Ju Pa's versitality with various spices and sauces proves it to be one of the most sought-after foods of Hong Kong. Ju Pa meals often go well with Iced Lemon Tea (Hong Kong style) or Iced Milk Tea (Hong Kong Style)

2) A common insult among those who speak the Chinese -Cantonese language, ju pa is often used to imply and liken a woman to a Øi°Ç (refer to above), appearance-wise. Characteristics of a ju pa include: abnormal obesity and facial complexion, sagginess of skin, or just plain ugliness. The origins of the word are unknown.
"You want to go eat ju pa rice tonight at Alleluia?"

"Go marry a ju pa, bitch!"

"You have such bad taste, I bet you eat ju pa rice on a regular basis"

by hkboi December 21, 2006
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a fat and fugly person, either gender.
i would rather die than having sex with that jupas.
by Laisan February 27, 2005
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