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n: While trademarked, this term can refer to a number of types of candy that are similar to a jelly bean that are very hard and prone to getting caught in one's teeth and resemble a colorful bullet.
Damned ju ju bee ripped my filling out!
by Trash Can Jack February 12, 2005
The greastest boyfriend/ friend anyone can ever. Very funny, nice, sweet. Gives the hottest hugs, kisses ...everything. And is hot.
" Man your guy is such a ju ju bee.."
by pinto bean January 14, 2007
A random objects use to distract your kids while your smoking weed and there all up in you face
One could be packing bowls or rolling one and the little ones are all in the mix .. so u point at nothing and say "look look" kids... jujubees.. go get them.. and they run off looking for nothing
by IG ivanzarate_b February 08, 2015
A friend or loved one who is the sweetest, nicest person, no matter what, to everyone. Someone who dosen't have any attitude towards anyone.
You just love to have a laugh with everyone, don't you ju ju bee?
by pointagrigio April 02, 2009
A disgusting candy that is now outlawed in most continental states.
Hey, I just vomited that jujubee
by Captain Chad January 27, 2004
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