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A worthless kid who steals cars, drives them around with scant regard for their own safety let along those around them. Often conveniently burns the cars afterwards.

The people carrying out these crimes often tend to be council.
Man 1: That joyrider's trapped in the car he set alight. Christ, he's screaming like a stuck pig.
Man 2: Come one, we'll miss the bus.
by thepreacher August 11, 2003
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Some-one who steals cars then thrashes them about the neighbourhood then burns them
Did you see the joyriders last night driving around the neighbourhood like maniacs they could of killed some-one
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
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the name given to someone from britain or ireland usually from major cities who engage in stealing cars and taking them for a spin before setting the cars alight. usually a joy rider can be best described as a male youth in his teens to early 20's unemployed dressed in tracksuits and illiterate. maybe from a broken home but are parasitical by nature. see also death driver
all joy riders should be shot
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
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